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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome to my first offcial blog post! I'm excited about blogging about my horse Lilly because it allows me to combine two of my favorite things: writing creatively, and my horse. My horse is a six year old registered Paint. Her real name is Restless L'il Ann, but we call her Lilly. I also call her "Brumby" as a pet name, even though she's not wild, and she's not from Australia. I bought Lilly from Bill Gokey who has a farm called Bear River. Yes, you might see bears there. But if you are really lucky, you will see Bill himself. He is a terrific guy, my horse mentor, and is a truly gifted Natural Horseman. I like to say everything I know about horses I learned from Bill. And maybe a few Clinton Anderson DVDs. I bought Lilly two and a half years ago. Actually my husband Brandon bought her for me because after I met her, I really really wanted her. So, welcome! I hope you like the blog.

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Anonymous said...

Colleen, Excellent blogging! I love to read about your love of Lilly! You are a bit of a Brumby yourself! Happy Birthday!!

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