Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Today was one of those beautiful days in New England when you start to think that spring and summer might actually be coming after all. And this is when you gobble down your breakfast and kiss your husband fast as you grab your horse boots, get in your car, and zoom over to your horse who is nibbling hay and looking blotchy with mud.
Lilly and I started in the ring where quite a few times she pinned her ears back, clearly feeling that evil villains were lurking everywhere. Maybe they were. I can't see half the things she can.

Out on the road, sporting her boots, Lilly was perfect. Good brumby! We rode with Christine (on Qtee) and Bill (this time on Freddie). It was a gorgeous ride on a gorgeous day.
Here are Lilly and Qtee stopping for a little drink.

Here are Christine and Bill

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