Springing to Spring

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Today was warm enough for a trail ride without my giant puffy winter riding pants that are riding apparel's equivalent of a fat suit. In fact today's weather could be described as downright springy. Snow is melting so fast it is a messy peek into mudseason. Lilly's feet were sinking so deep into the earth in some spots I thought one of her shoes might get sucked right off of her foot. Luckily this did not happen. It is nice to get on a horse without 15 pounds of winter clothing for a change. The picture below was taken from Lilly's back. I think her ears are very cute. That's Henry the dog in the background. The other picture is Qtee. Qtee is just plain wonderful.
Before we headed out on the road Lilly and I started with a mini lesson in the ring. Mini lesson indeed; we were probably in the ring for five minutes. Still, sometimes I like to start with her there. It allows me to make sure she's respecting me and provides an opportunity to reinforce a few good habits. Today we did yielding the hindquarters and flexing at the poll. Good Brumby.

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