Friday, March 13, 2009

I use a full cheek snaffle bit on Lilly. Initially I wanted to use the full cheek snaffle because I believed it was the kindest, gentlest one to use. While that may not necessarily be true, I still like using it because when I am getting Lilly to flex laterally, it keeps the bit in the right place. It also feels right to me for when she is getting a lesson in neck reining. In the picture below I have all the bits shown that I have ever used on Lilly. The leverage bit on the right was good when I was new with her because if she bolted (which only happened once) I had more power and control in pulling her head around. It was a bit of a security blanket. Of course with this bit you must remember to be very light in the horse's mouth. Because it has the chain curb strap, you could really wreak havoc with your brumby if you aren't careful. I don't use it anymore because I don't think Lilly needs it. However, it is always good to have it as an option just in case.....
I didn't learn anything about bits and bridles when I took horsebackriding lessons. Once again it has been with the help of Bill and through my personal experience that I have gained knowledge. And of course, I have read about them. How many horse books have I read now? Many! Reading about it is great, but it is the actual doing it that is the real teacher.

Here's Lilly's pretty mouth with her pink rope halter and the full cheek snaffle. I also used to think full cheek bits like this are really for english riders which I am not. But that's not really true. When I was new with Lilly, I was terrible at getting her to take the bit. She was extremely patient with me.

One day when I am very good at riding, maybe I won't need a bridle and bit at all! Just like Stacey Westfall!

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