And The Results Are....

Friday, April 10, 2009

Something dastardly has happened! I received the Lyme disease results for Lilly in the mail and was elated to see the results were negative. Strongly predictive that the horse is not infected, the page read from the Animal Health Diagnostic Center. Negative for Ab to the Lyme Agent was printed at the bottom of the page. YIPPEE!! My brumby was as healthy as a horse!!!! HOWEVER, in my excitement, I didn't notice that these particular test results were not for my horse at all but for a creature named Scooby. I continued not to notice until the vet's office called to say they had made an error. An error!! Lilly's results, the voicemessage from the office reported, would come in the mail tomorrow. Which is today. At first I was outraged that the vet's office would do something so unprofessional, and this was followed by my own husband calling me a dingbat for not reading the test results clearly in the first place! The evil Lyme spectre still looms! I'm not mad at the vet's office; anyone can make a mistake. I just hope the second set of results are as resoundingly negative as the first.

At least Scooby, whoever he is, is all set.

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