Trail Ride=Slice o' Heaven

Friday, May 15, 2009

Today was an unbelieveably gorgeous day. After what has felt like days of murky rainy weather! I told Bill today that I can't take a decent photo to save my life. I submit this photo as evidence! In any case, here I am on Lilly and looking at Pokey before we took off for the trail!

Here's Bill getting Pokey ready for the trail.

This picture for some reason didn't come out very clear. In fact none of the trail pictures did. (More camera trouble thanks to my bad camera karma) Here you can see Christine on Qtee, and Bill on Pokey while ponying Charlie. Charlie was on his way to the big pasture. The ponying went off without a hitch!

I found this little tiny nest on the ground at Bill's. I put a little flower in it and snapped a picture. I love this little nest because the bulk of it has been made with horsehair!! It has been excellently woven. You can also see a little piece of baling twine in there. Birds are very good at recycling!


Pony Girl said...

AH, what a fun ride! I'm so glad you got out. We are hoping to this weekend, too. I love the bird nest. I'm glad they put that shedding horse hair to good use! :)

juliette said...

There is a great picture of you and Lilly that you took yourself holding the camera out and snapping it. You look so happy in that photo! It is from an older post, I think.

Paint Girl said...

What a wonderful day!
We are finally going to get some decent weather this weekend and sounds like we get to go on our first trail ride of the year on Sunday! Can't wait!

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