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Sunday, September 13, 2009

Saturday in the rain I gave Lilly (and myself) another cantering lesson. At first I was just going to groom her and feed her some apples. But then I thought it wasn't raining that hard, and put Lilly's saddle on her!

Stirrup adjustment. I cannot understand how my stirrups need adjusting each time I get on Lilly. I'm the only one using this saddle! It's like my legs get longer or shorter each day!

While I was cantering with Lilly, Brandon and Kestrel saw this little frog hopping by. Kestrel cannot resist a frog.

The cantering lesson went very well. There was no willy nilly cantering. And only going counter-clockwise did my brumby try to pull one over on me near the gate. Then she thought better of it. This happened three times. And then she was fine. She even stopped immediately each time I asked her too! Maybe the rain was good luck!

After I was finished, I let Kestrel get on Lilly. I'm in no position to coach a ten year old, and Lilly is no lesson horse. But once in a while we get Kestrel up in the saddle.

Maybe this is what Pippi Longstocking would look like on a horse.....

I'm not sure what is happening here. But something seems to be going on.

This is the best way for me to be in a photo! Hah! I cropped my own head out of this because I looked very wet and sour. I know that my old feminist professors would have a field day with me cropping my own head off my body. Help, I've decapitated myself! No brain, no intellect, I'm just a body! Don't hate me because I crop! I know, this is so bad, turning thine own self into the Headless Horseman. Where is Sleepy Hollow when you need it? The point of this picture is only to show that I'm saddleless!

Sunday was a much much prettier day!
Who is that little mare peeking out from behind that tree???

I see white nose!!

Hello, beautiful Brumby!! I seeeee youuuuuu!

This is Tuffy trying to get a whiff of Lilly!
We had an awesome ride today! We were alone and headed straight to the new trail that Bill made. To get there we go through a pasture for a minute.

In the pasture Lilly looked to the left.....

And then to the right!!!

Without these trail markers ala Bill, I would not ever use this trail. While we were out there what sounded like a 100 pound crow was cawing and cawing. I guess I am lucky that we do not have any seriously scary animals around here. Like wild hogs, or baboons....Can you imagine coming across a baboon on the trail? Or a tarpir?


Paint Girl said...

Or a Mutant Monkey! I think I'd rather know what I am running into on the trail! There is that fear of the unknown!
Glad you had at least one nice day to ride, can't believe how much rain you are getting, we are in the mid 80's, not normal for us folks over on these parts of the U.S.

juliette said...

The frog is so little and cute. So is Lilly peeking out from behind the tree! Your sunny green pasture is beautiful. Hopefully, the sun stays around, but I heard we are getting more rain - yuck - and then you get it after us! Oh no!

Anonymous said...

Wonderful, excellent brumby!

Thank you for your comments on my blog - I very much appreciate them. I updated the post with a few additional thoughts after you commented.

Anonymous said...

good for you .. not bailing in the rain.. i know i feel tons better (probably more mentally) having done the deal in bad weather... can you say "winter in montana?" :)

looks like most excellent equine extravaganzas for you... 'specially the cantering..

happy trails

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