Meanwhile, Back at the Farm....

Friday, October 2, 2009

I found this postcard in the little store in the center of the town I live in. I couldn't believe it. I live in a town that is very high on itself. It is a cute little town, but its own postcard?

Whoooooa, Bill!!! Don't get any ideas!

It is supposed to thunderstorm tomorrow so I made sure I got a ride in today. Here is a small herd of horses that greeted me in the pasture. That is Pokey, Charlie and Ruby. And QTee over there to the right. Again, my brumby had no qualms at all about ignoring me. I could see out of the corner of my eye she was watching me though. She was probably worried that the carrot in my pocket would end up in someone else's mouth besides her own.

There she is over there. With her ears all out like a mule. As usual.

Looks like my brumby will need a little beauty treatment before we head out. I need to take a picture of my new favorite grooming tool for Lilly. It is a rubber circle with all these little nubbly things on it. I always think that it must feel pretty good on my brumby's back when I use it. It also loosens upl the dirt in her fur. Already my brumby is starting to get woolier!!!

Oh yes, now that's a pretty brumby.....

All ready to go. When I go off by myself, I try to leave a little note for Bill in the barn detailing my general plan of where Lilly and I will be traveling. That way, if I get into trouble, he might have at least a small idea of where to launch the search and rescue mission. I mean, I hope that kind of thing will never ever be necessary....Some of the time I get on the trail and change my route anyway! Thta's not the brightest idea. Today we headed back to Trollwood because it is pretty and interesting, and because some of it creeps me out. Nothing like a little creep-out to get your blood moving!

Is that Louise coming out to wish us a Bon Voyage?
No, she's just headed to the apples under the apple tree.

Today my brumby was slower than a Phillip Glass opera. I could not believe how slow she was! And I even like slow! How can I express it best: slower than a snail on quaaludes? I started to think her Lyme was back! Then I thought that horses aren't machines and maybe today was just a slow day for her. Then she made a big splattery poop. After that, I may have imagined that she was moving faster. (Which brings the phrase Slower than Sludge to mind.) In any case, I'll be keeping a close eye on her. If she starts to get cranky or gimpy, then I'll know I am not imagining it. And she kept wanting to snack on the trail. Like I starve her in the pasture and with Bill's second cutting hay! Oh, how I love her no matter what she does.

Here my brumby might be thinking about how fun it might be to cut some of those cows.
Or not... (!)

Brumby's got some shoes on!

And has developed some fantastical pink spots on her feet!!
This is really just to help her fight Scratches. She got them bad in that very spot last year. It was so bad that we moved her to the Big Pasture (which is drier) for a week. This is a horse that likes to stand in water all the time. Mermaid brumby.

I wonder what Lilly thinks of her wheels when she sees them....

Here is CC with the horse she and Bill brought home from the auction. She's a four year old quarter horse with a very beautiful coat, and a pretty pretty head.

I kept trying to get a picture of the new horse, but look who keeps getting in the way! Bill with his own camera!!!!
I know Bill got some good shots of the newbie, so I will post them as soon as he sends me some.

Meanwhile, back at the homestead........


Anonymous said...

Those white legs look like good candidates for scratches - my Maisie has four whites, and has had scratches on her hinds - one very bad case when I first got her and a minor case this year.

Ashfield? That's a beautiful part of the world!

Paint Girl said...

I love Lilly's mane done like that! I might have to try that with mine!
I always worry about scratches, since we get mud like you. But have been lucky so far and haven't had a problem with it yet. I check their legs all winter long for it.
That new horse of Bill's is gorgeous! Red roan? Can't wait to see more pictures of that one!!

juliette said...

Your photographs are always so wonderful. Obviously I have never been to Lilly's farm, but I really feel like I know all the characters! That Louise is so fat and funny. I enlarged that photo of her so we could really get a good look. Maizie and I stood here laughing. Brian came to see what we were laughing about and then we all watched the video of Louise from your sidebar. Too cute.

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