Halloween In Ashfield

Sunday, November 1, 2009

I cannot say that Halloween in one of my fave holidays, but it certainly is fun! I have some good Halloween pictures with Lilly to post, but first, I have a few snapshots from Halloween in the town where I live. Ashfield is a town that takes Halloween very seriously. First there is the Rag Shag Parade through the center of town, and then trick or treating through the center of town follows. This year, a good time was had by all. Naturally, I had my camera handy.

This scary entity is actually my husband. He loves being an evil clown each year. He's got an evil clown doll, and is carrying a bloody knife.

This one is me! By the end of the night my feathers were droopy from all the rain.
If you scroll through these pictures and see Marie Antoinette, that is Brandon's daughter.

Hope your halloween was fun too!

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juliette said...

You are so right - Ashfield does take Halloween seriously! Wow. Our town doesn't even hold trick-or-treat on the actual day. You have photos of adults and kids completely decked out! I am not a huge Halloween person, but I do love when other people are really into something. It cracks me up like I am in a movie. Thanks for sharing these funny pictures. I would never believe you were behind that mask, by the way. The mask is so dour - not at all like your personality!

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