Joyful Joyful, Dave and Lisa!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

This post is not very brumby related. In fact, the whole time I was in the midwest, I did not see a single brumby! I am sure while I was away, my own brumby was nibbling grasses and watching with disinterest as Bill and Christine and CC got their horses out and put them through their paces. Where is my master?, my brumby may have been asking. And she would have answered by musing, What master?

This is the church that my brother David and Lisa were married in on November 7. I do not know its name, but it is right in the campus of St Louis University. It may be called the Church of St Louis. As you can see by the photo, the weather was picture perfect.

Here is my cousin Beth and my Uncle Bill at the pre-wedding party. OK so it's not the best shot of my Uncle Bill. I'm telling you: I was out of my picture taking element! No brumbies in this mix!

hah! Here are my husband and Max, the ushers at the wedding. I had never seen Brandon in a tuxedo before!

This is the best picture I have of Dave and Lisa. And it's not that great. For example, who is that other guy in there? I have about 6 pictures of the cutting-of-the-cake and that other guy is in every one of them. Who the hell is he? And why was he intruding on the cake pictures????

This is my beautiful dad and his lovely wife. These two are natural born coordinators. They like to organize people. They do not like to sit on the sidelines.

Here I am with Brandon outside the reception hall. Have I mentioned my husband loves to boogie? I can hardly keep up with the guy. My teeth look very large in this photo. So much for 4 years of orthodontics!

I didn't get any good shots of my sister Molly. They were all too dark or too blurry... But I did get this very sweet shot of her 14 year old daughter, Jade, in the church.
The following shots are of the St Louis Zoo!
This zoo has one of the best bird exhibits I have ever seen!

Look at this guy! He was so close I could have touched him! I wonder if he would have mistaken my finger for a little sardine and chomped it right off!

This zoo had three very large tigers.

Oh! An equine pal!!! What a pretty bum!!

And then we had to get home again.......


juliette said...

Beautiful pictures and funny (as usual) captions - like the cake cutting picture. You and Brandon look so young in that one picture like you might be going to a Prom or something! Lucky you! I can't help but notice that the pictures at the zoo seem more in keeping with your heart - animals! Don't you just want to own a zebra? Why can't we?

Pony Girl said...

What a fun trip and wedding! I recently did the wedding thing (reception anyway) too! ;) I wish your brother many years of happiness. Hope you get to see your Brumby soon!

Sandra Costello said...

You are adorable! I think I have that dress you are wearing. Did you sneak into my closet:) My best to your brother and his new wife.

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