Good Brumby!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

I am happy to report today that Lilly was excellent under saddle! A charming, very calm and well behaved creature. This is sort of like the bit I have switched to, and I am using one with a curb strap. Out on the trail today Lilly was very responsive to me, even when she spooked at Henry and did a skittery 180 on the road as if to run away, but did not. The ole brumby is back! I could feel she wanted to speedily canter up all the hills but slowed when I asked her to, thank you tom thumb. Bill's theory is that yesterday she just had plain old pent up energy. She has been cooped up in the stall a lot this month, and the pasture has been too icy to run and play in. Christine thought she could be having a mental growth spurt and is testing boundaries. I am open to all theories, closed to none. I was just happy as a king to be able to get on her today and have a perfect go of it.

Lilly was given this spiffy new lead rope for Christmas. How she makes it sparkle!

A little flexing at the poll....

Here is the chicken that Lilly helped save yesterday! I hope she is doing OK; I didn't see her around today. With any luck, she is back with the flock in the henhouse.

Getty opening her Christmas loot.

Happy Sunday Night everyone, and many special thanks to your comments about Lilly yesterday. I loved them all and your support was very calming to my fretful mind.


Karen said...

Happy to hear that you had an excellent ride today with Lilly! The lead rope is pretty, but what almost glows is Lilly's white, white coat and mane. Don't you love how clean and lustrous their coats are when there's snow on the ground? I'm thankful for it with my girls;)

Paint Girl said...

Look at Getty opening her presents!! I love it when my dogs, well, Bailey, opens his! It is so fun to watch.
So happy to hear that Lilly responded so well with the bit! Love the new leadrope, nice and clean, for now!!

juliette said...

Glad Lilly is back to her old perfect self. She is the cutest in the pictures with her new lead. Getty looks happy with her big puppy paws holding on to her presents. Glad the chicken is ok. Your snow is still so pretty and I bet you had a gorgeous ride.

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