I Won an Award!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

I am excited and honored to have been chosen for the Beautiful Blog Award! And best yet, it was given to me by a blogger I really admire, Kate from A Year With Horses. There are a few reasons why I keep going back to Kate's blog. For one thing, it has real substance. Kate knows a lot about horses. I've learned a lot from her. For another thing, her photos are as good as any horse book I've ever seen. While she's great at capturing those classic and timeless horse portraits, she also manages to catch her horses in every day moments that reveal them as unique individuals. It is a real joy to visit her blog.

This award has some parameters! I must tell you seven things about myself, and pass the Beautiful Blog award on to 15 other blogs! FIFTEEN! Now that's a lot of blogs! I can do 12. Well, here goes:

Seven fast things about me:

1. I wear contact lenses.

2. I never wear a watch.

3. I hate cooking.

4. I am taking piano lessons.

5. I love going to Europe...but since I got married and bought a brumby, I have not been in a while.

6. I love toile.

7. In my opinion one of the best places to visit in Boston is the Harvard Museum of Natural History. Ok, so it's really in Cambridge. I recommend that everyone go! Plan to be there for hours.

There! Now you know a little bit more about me!

As I was pondering my new blog award and thinking who I would pass it on to, I realized that I have a very small pool of blogs that I read on a regular basis. If only I didn't have to work for a living! Then I could read blog after blog! And let me tell you, I would love it. Because the blogs I do read give me great joy. Frankly, I wish I could be a professional blogger. I just need to find a rich patron!

Without furthur ado, here is my list of bloggers who deserve the Beautiful Blog Award:

1. Honeysuckle Faire. I know, Honeysuckle Faire, I've given you a blog award before. And everyone already knows about how great you are. But yours was the first blog I ever fell in love with. And then it turns out that you yourself are a wildly fabulous human. Your blog is beautiful! Put this award in your trophy case with all the others. Because you deserve it.

2.Sprinkler Bandit. This is another blog I learn a lot from. I love reading about Sprinkler Bandit's lessons in the ring. This blog marries serious riding with a great sense of humor. Sometimes when I read this blog, I feel like I have been there watching.

3. Ponderings of Two Guinea Pigs. Yes, you read that right! Not horses, GUINEA PIGS! This blogs lifts my spirit immeasurably when I am having a rotten and stinking moment. It details two g.pigs doing every thing from cavorting under the Christams tree to watching the ball drop on New Years's eve. It wrote the book on cuteness. Plus they're in Australia so they're having summer now!

4. Manely Montana. Initially I was drawn to this blog because I love Montana. But this is one beautiful blog. It's not always about horses. But it is always wonderful. I actually think this blog makes me a better person!

5. From Wingman to the Witching Hour. This blog has so much spunk and vitality that I check it all the time. Plus, the photos are out of this world.

6. Horse Harmony. This is another blog that once I start reading it, I cannot peel my eyes away from the page. I keep scrolling lower and lower until I realize quite a bit of time has sped by. I am relatively new to this blog but so far, I love the content.

7. Knit Tidbits. I am a knitter and this blog is inspiring. I also think the blog is just darn charming.

8. From the Horse's Back. I am also relatively new to this blog. But I love it. You know when you look at something and just get a good feeling all over? That is how I feel when I tune in to this blog.

9. Pony Girl Rides Again and

10. Adventures of the Painted Creek Farm. These two storytellers cannot be beat. They've got amazing pictures, insight, and humor. Two more down to earth horse lovers you will not find. I also always get a charge out of all the blogs in their family. Pony and Paint Girrrrls, you rock.

11. Bakerella. I mentioned earlier that I hate cooking. Tue, true. But I do like eating. Especially sugary things. And that is how I stumbled upon this blog. Besides, I also think any blog that has a post entitled "Red Velvet Cake Balls" deserves an award for that alone. Because that is funny.

12. Sandra Costello Photography. I cannot pass up any opportunity to award the person who got me started on blogging in the first place! Plus, her blog is newly redesigned and revamped and it looks awesome. Sandra, thanks for the inspiration, you little firecracker you!


juliette said...

I love that you don't wear a watch! That is so great. I wonder if they make toile saddle pads? I am sure they do - they make everything!
Thank you for the kind words! You are so nice! I popped over to the g.pigs' blog and laughed and laughed at those two adorable sweeties watching a video. I can't wait to check out the other blogs you list, and someday, the Museum in Cambridge. Sounds like a must-see. The thing that is most beautiful about your blog is your love of Lilly!

Paint Girl said...

Congrats on your award!! You deserve it so much!!
Thank you for passing it on to me!

Pony Girl said...

Oh, thanks so much for the award!! I am so honored, and you wrote such sweet words about Paint Girl and I! I've received it from a few other bloggers and I'm not going to pass it on to anyone specific, rather, I'm passing it on to everyone who I read and enjoy so much. So that includes you, girlie!!
p.s. I don't like to cook and I love toile, too! :)
I do like to bake, though.....

L said...

Aww. Thank you so much for the award, and your kind words about my little ole' blog. You are so kind. Your blog is quite lovely. I know nothing about horses, but you are clearly passionate and knowledgeable. Thanks again.

Ginger said...

Oh... we got an Award! Mum's so proud of us. Thank you so much.

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