Brumby, Take Me to the World!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Weather does not get any more cooporative than it was today. I started the day with Brandon burning a big pile of brush that we have been trying to ignore in our yard. It is exhausting to burn big brushpiles. Plus, an ember popped out of the fire and on to my neck! It really hurt! I worked on that for a little while, and then went over to Lilly so I could meet Christine and Nancy for a ride. I was so pooped from all the yardwork, I just wanted to lay down and nap. But I rallied!

Here we are starting out on the trail. Don't you love Christine's pink sweatshirt? I do.

This was the first trail ride with the Renegade hoof boots on. Here I tried to get a picture of them in action. They were great. We trekked through some pretty miry muck, and we also went up some hills and down some bluffs. And we also galloped up our favorite galloping part of the trail. The boots maintained their integrity, did not slip around, and only had a wee bit of mud inside them when we got back.

Bill came with us with Yogi for part of our ride. He was taking Yogi to the Big Pasture. Later on our way past the BP, we saw all the horses there running together and kicking their heels up. They looked spectacular.

Don't worry. We didn't see this guy on the trail! But I always wonder if we might! As much as I love bears, and as shy as black bears tend to be, you just never know what might happen during an encounter. When I rode in Glacier National Park last summer, the wrangler said the best bear deterrent is a horse. Phew. Currently I have some jingle bells on my saddle and so I am hoping a wandering bear will hear me coming and run the other way. That's mostly for when I am out alone. But today we saw no bears.

Look! there I am on my brumby! I never get to see my brumby from behind, so I really like this picture Bill took with my camera. I am relieved I look totally normal.

It was really a wonderful ride today.

The woods were gorgeous.

I wanted a picture to showcase the mares in their fly bonnets. I find them all adorable. Mares and fly bonnets.

Oh what a beautiful brumby.


juliette said...

It just doesn't get any better than a spring sunshine ride on your Lilly! Love the mares in bonnets. Glad your weather was cooperative. Sounds like the boots are a hit!

Pony Girl said...

I wonder if MB would wear a fly bonnet? It would help his agitation w/flies, but I'm not sure he would like it, LOL!
I always wonder about the bears, and use to worry about it quite a bit, actually! :)

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Out of all the blogs I read, I think you win for getting the most rides in this year so far. Looks like a fun time.

Jocelyn said...

Thank you for the reminder that I need to get Star a fly bonnet this year. SHe is ear itchy sensitive and man she hates bugs.

I am also getting jingle bells for when we are out riding alone. We wont encounter bears, but Elk and Cougars are just as bad as bears!

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