Brumby Unplugged

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I can state with clarity that going back to work next week is really going to rot my socks. Seeing my brumby every day and riding her has been dreamy in the extreme. I also love sleeping in. This morning I woke up and before leaving my bed, read a few chapters of Agatha Christie ( Hercule Poirot's Christmas). Yes, before leaving bed! It's all too good to be true.

I went over to Bill's around noontime. I was on my own on the trail because Christine had a washing machine delivery to wait for, and Bill was off to play golf. It would have to be me, Lilly, Sally and Getty. No worries. Mother Nature was given a warning to get her act together. I tacked Lilly up using the Syd Hill saddle again, and off we went. We had some dark sky moments in the woods, punctuated by a few fleeting bursts of sunshine. At least it did not rain.

When I came out of this pasture, Bill was driving by on his way to golfing so he snapped my picture. I love how Bill never tires of anything horse related.

In the woods I kept getting off Lilly to adjust my stirrups. I could not get them right! While I was down on the ground in Trollwood I spied these cheerful little yellow mushrooms. Brandon tells me they are Hygrocybe flavescens. Nerdishly, he actually knows these full names without having to look them up. But the more common name is golden waxy cap. You can eat these mushrooms but they do not have a lot of flavor.

Because I didn't have my usual saddle, I didn't have my usual saddle bag which has some valuable trail supplies in it, for example, my Bear Bells! So I had to sing. (Do you know how hard it is to sing the White Stripes a capella and not sound like some sick thing? I am sure I scared any bears away for good.) These mushrooms looked so pretty on the tree I couldn't resist photographing them. I have written about them before. They are Ganoderma lucidum (thank you, Brandon) and they are too tough to eat but they are believed by some to be able to raise the dead! In Trollwood no less.

We made it back through the woods with no problems whatsoever, just a lot of grassnatching along the way. When we came up the driveway these foxglove in Bill's wife's garden caught my eye. I thought, wouldn't my brumby look wonderful next to them? Although this charming picture is not the one I was visualizing, I do like it a lot. Good thing Lilly didn't want to eat these or Bill's wife would have wanted to clobber me! It looks like Lilly is actually sniffing them!

When I got home, my neighbor and her friend were riding down the road!!! That horse in front is Rose, and the one behind is Isaac, who happens to be a 4 year old Mustang!
Horses are everywhere!
More Brumby tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

Rotted socks - now that's downright scary!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

Those are some mushrooms and flowers I've never seen. Absolutely awesome.

juliette said...

I vote - no back to work - more sleeping, more reading, more Brumby!!! Brandon and his mushroom knowledge - smarty pants! The foxgloves and Brumby - oh! Adorable!
Bill plays golf?!? ...And snaps horsey photos on the way out - excellent Bill!
Horses are everywhere - I want to live there. (Cars are everywhere here. Darn.)

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

The Foxglove and that Brumby fave picture so far!! I LOVE it!!
I can't believe those fun funky cool-I would have thought they would be poisonious for sure!

Rising Rainbow said...

I must admit rotted socks was not a term I've heard before but I can relate. LOL

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