Another Gorgeous Day in the Neighborhood

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

I could get used to having all this brumby-time all the time! So far on my vacation, I get up, eat some oatmeal, do a little knitting, read a little non-fiction, eat some Cocoa Puffs, and then cruise over to ride Lilly. I live the dream!!

Remember a few posts ago I said I'd have a video of Bill doing our trail course in the ring? Here it is: Click here. I should have Bill and I do the same obstacle course, have them both filmed and then have my readers decide who did it best! Wouldn't that be fun? This video took a while to post because I was trying to add a soundtrack to it. William Tell Overture, anyone?

Today when I got to Bill's, Lilly was FILTHY! It is impossible to get her clean and pretty without getting the hose out. So I cleaned her up the best I could and got her ready for our ride.

Today was actually a very special day because Claire was making her very first trail ride ever! Maiden voyage! Christine has been helping Claire learn to be a better rider. Usually they work together in the ring. But lately, Claire (age 9) has been chomping at the bit (heh heh) to have some fun on the trail. And who can blame her? Christine rode Charlie, I was on Lilly (bien sur!) and Claire got QTee.

Here we are getting started at the trail head. This may have also been Claire's first time using a western saddle. And Charlie, for once, was in english tack! Personally, I thought the english tack suited him. He looked great.

And we were off! I asked Claire how she liked it and she just started laughing joyfully and said she liked it a lot. She is lucky to have such a good mare to ride. QTee was excellent.

Charlie was pretty spooky in the woods and Christine ended up walking with him for part of the ride. Later when we hooked up with the road again we saw two people walking with a dog and pushing a stroller. This was a vision Charlie did not like at all. It didn't unhinge him, but he was clearly very bothered by it. Lilly didn't care for it much either.

But we made it home in one piece and with Claire having accomplished her first trail ride with grace. Way to go, Claire!!

Here's a picture from a few weekends ago that just now I am putting in my blog. That, by the way, is me.
Finally, I am concluding this blog entry with another video ala Bill. This one is from a slightly different perspective. I know you'll appreciate it: just click right here.


Anonymous said...

Claire looks great! Nice videos - thanks! Like the pic of you, too!

juliette said...

Congratulations to Claire. Another happy Bear River Rider out on the trail. What good horses you have. All your photos are so fabulous. Coco puffs, knitting, non-fiction, and Lilly. It doesn't get any better! It is only Wednesday...keep up the good fun the rest of the week!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

omg that last video of Bill w/ the herd is so cute (and risky!?) but he knows and trusts them and they are obvs sooooooo content and cute!! LOVED it.
Your picture is awesome-BIG smile says it all :)

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