Back In the Ring

Thursday, October 14, 2010

I meant to make this post two days ago!

These are some snapshots from Monday when I took Lilly to the ring to make sure she hadn't learned any naughty habits after getting all wild on Sunday. As I reported earlier, she was just fine. But when I saw Bill riding Cody, problem-free, through the tarpy fringe in the corner of the ring, I was jealous. Now, if you know Bill, you will know that he never passes up a training opportunity. So whenI said Lilly was still not over her fear of the dangly tarp, he couldn't resist getting involved.

You can see here how resistant my brumby is to walking under the fringe. We thought if she saw Cody walking under it easily, she might just follow him. She didn't.

Here is Bill talking all nice to her, and luring her under the curtain. She poked her head through (like you see here) which was really cute. Sometimes when you are leading her through, she starts out OK, but then as she's under it, she panics and bolts through. A person can get trampled that way!

The wind can make the curtain seem even more scary!

But really, Bill had her going through in no time. If you'd like to see her in a video, successfully walking through, you can click here!

Meanwhile, the husband-spectator patiently watches .....

I forget how great the ring can be, actually. I am sure as the weather gets harsher and the days get shorter, Lilly and I will be down there more often. I have noticed that my brumby is always better in the ring is another horse is down there with her. What's most fun is when we set up something to do in the ring, such as an obstacle course. On Monday, Bill invented a short one. The idea was to run through water, run across a bridge and under the tarp. Click here to see him going through it with Cody.
Now that's fun!


Anonymous said...

I like how Bill works with the horses - very patient and quiet - the sign of a good horseman, or horsewoman.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Hmmm, you just mentioned something that brought up a good point to me. Your Brumby likes to work in ring WITH other horses. Laz used to be like that..I forgot..then we did so much by ourselves that he has become more comfortable working with others is our new challenge, HA! Thanks for triggering that memory...
Lily is such a good mare :) Bill is cool and how awesome to have him when you need his skills! Can he come to Michigan?! :)

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