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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Saturday I was with my brumby again! I got there earlier than usual because we had plans in the afternoon. There was not much going on at the barn. I figured I'd get my brumby out and ride the Ridge Trail. When I was leading Lilly out of the pasture I noticed right away that one of her shoes was missing!

Without the shoe I got to get a close look at the synthetic hoof filler. If you didn't exactly know what you were looking at, you might not even notice it was there. I've said this before: that stuff is incredible. Without it, who knows if I could even be riding Lilly. In this picture you can see the other crack about 1 inch from the coronet. Let's hope that doesn't cause any trouble later.

Bill came out and pulled her other shoe off, noting that just the day before she had both of them on. He gave each foot a quick filing before I started out.

Here is the foot, all mustang-rolled and ready to go. Without her shoes, I thought I'd skip the trail ride, quite forgetting about the Renegades hanging in the barn all repaired and ready to go. Instead, I shifted to Plan B: heading to the ring and doing more de-sensitizing. But the wind was fierce again and the thought of dealing with it in the ring filled me with dread. But then I saddled Lilly up anyway. What kind of cowgirl lets a little wind get in the way of things?

Bill saddled up Pokey and came down in the ring too. This was good because Lilly is better with another equine in the ring with her. I trotted Lilly around the ring, getting her collected and into a faster trot. It may be my imagination, but as nice as her slow jog is (and it is reaaaallly nice), I think when I have her moving at such a slow pace her mind starts to wander, she gets bored and wants to do her own thing--like amble on over to the gate, or get crabby about being asked to move at all! So Saturday I had her moving faster and this meant she had to pay attention. No time for fussing and getting her own ideas about how the lesson was going to go down.
Meanwhile, Bill was teaching Pokey how to stay ground tied. If you'd like to see how Pokey did at the end of the lesson, take a moment to Click Here!
We also both ran through the new obstacle course. Lilly did very well and made me so happy. She is such a good horse almost all of the time! If you'd like to see us, then you can watch a short video clip right here! I also made a video clip of Bill doing the same thing on Pokey which I will have ready soon. Until then, here is one of Bill's wild run-through-the-course-while-filming clips! Click here! That horse is Yogi.
I'm off this coming week so I am hoping to have more brumby blog posts!!
Until then, Happy Sunday!


Kate said...

Glad the obstacles went well. Nice to see Bill teaching ground-tying - it's a skill I think every horse should have.

juliette said...

That video of you and Lilly doing the obstacle course is something else again! You guys are wild. Little barefoot Cinderella!

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