Paradise, Revisited

Saturday, October 9, 2010

At work this week there was some water cooler talk about what superpower one would rather have: flight or invisibility? Most people said flight and I just thought to myself, if you want to fly, all you have to is get on the back of a horse and ask her to run. So I chose invisibility.

Today in the morning I busied myself at the Ashfield Fall Festival where I threw my diet out the window and gobbled up a large baked potato with "the works," and some fried dough with maple cream on it. Delicious. Then I went over to get my brumby out. It was a perfect Fall day.

I found Bill in the barn trimming Ruby's feet and getting her all cleaned up. Ruby has the best looking feet I've ever seen. (Not exactly like my brumby!)

I thought I'd be riding alone which would have been fine, but since golf season is over, Bill said he would get Charlie and ride with me. Charlie looks a lot like Ruby except he has white hind socks and has a much bigger belly. Here is my brumby looking all alert because some guys were across the field in the woods working on the snowmobile trails and making some scary noise. Scary sounds are one way to get her ears all up like that for a photo. Today I put this breast collar on her. Not because I thought she needed it so much, but because I love the way it looks. Bill has lots of cool tack in his barn.

It was windy in the road but much quieter on the trail. Here's Bill giving Charlie a little test in the mucky pond. Both Charlie and Lilly started out on the trail all springy like they wanted to run around. Then Lilly settled into her nice, sweet trail mode. Which I love so much. I don't think Bill got too much trouble from Charlie. Charlie did try to kick Lilly once when she got too close to him but Bill quickly put an end to that. And also, I stopped riding so close. Sometimes I forget about the pecking order. The horses never forget it!

Whoooooah! I don't even know what was happening here but thankfully I can say that this photo does not represent how the ride was going!

Here's Bill in the Winter Pasture adjusting his stirrup. My brumby really wanted to take a big mouthful of that hay!

These are the horses in the Blueberry Pasture. This is the pasture we usually ride though to get to Trollwood. Now that there are horses in it, we can't cut through there as easily. But we did stop to say hello to Bella, Yogie, Glitter, Jodie and Freddie. I mean, I think that is Freddie. While we were there Lilly made a big squealy, kicky, marish show of herself as if she'd never seen any of these horses before. Oh good grief, Brumby!

Oh look! A human approacheth! Lilly gave this guy the hairy eyeball as soon as he appeared on the road.

When we passed the Big Pasture, Bill dropped off Charlie and grabbed Cody.

On the way home, I passed these pretty ladies. These cows are either Normande or Canadiennes. They belong to Sidehill Farm which sells delicious yogurt and raw milk. When I see these cows, I feel happy. How can you not?


Anonymous said...

Lovely ride! Have to love those marish mare behaviors!

juliette said...

You live in wonderland, you know! Fried dough with maple cream, Lilly and friends, Bill and winter pastures, blueberry pastures and Trollwood, Getty and yogurt and raw milk. Can it get any better? I think not! I guess you know how great you have it since you titled this post "Paradise Revisited"! Happy, happy weekend at Bear River.

Frizzle said...

Oh my goodness, those cows are too adorable! I would like to smooch their little cow noses (if they were free of cow snot, of course) and tell them how much I would like to have one of them as a pet. Kyyyyyooooooooot!
Oh, and I figured you might want to see a helmet-cam of the WEG XC course. Here it is:

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