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Monday, November 1, 2010

Oh my goodness, Halloween again! If you are like me, then you think Halloween is one of the creepiest and best holidays ever. I always enjoy dressing up. And so does my husband. And Kestrel! Since I have had Lilly, I try to get her involved too. If you remember last year I donned a werewolf mask and scared all the horses in the pasture! This year I took a little bag of tricks to the barn. I had tricks and treats!

Here I am trying to get my brumby in her first costume. She probably thinks I am merely putting a fly bonnet on her.

Wrong, brumby! You are a clown brumby!!! For those of you who hate it when animals are forced to wear clothes, don't worry. It was only on a second before I took it off.....

And tried another one!!!! Does my brumby look like she is laughing? No she does not! But she was not complaining either. This is like Chef Clown Brumby.

Kestrel was a gnome this year. How many brumbies out there can say they have carried a trollish gnome on their backs? Not too many! As you can see, my brumby thought nothing of it. Maybe she is simply thinking, Whew, what kind of kid is that?!

She even gave the gnome a nuzzle!! Now that is one good-natured brumby.

Oh Lilly, you are very very cute. But that wasn't all.

Ther serial killer then arrived. But my brumby was not phased!

Look out brumby! There is a knife at your throat!!! Ho hum, says Lilly.

AAhhhaahhahaaahakakakkaaaajjhhhhh!! BRUMBY LOOK OUT!!!

I guess bloody creepy masks are not frightful enough for Lilly. The werewolf last year got her feet moving a lot faster.

Here's what the mask was really for. This is Brandon right before the Halloween parade in our town. Yes, very gross. The funny think about this mask is that it is hard to see when you have it on. So Brandon kept crashing into things.

Here is Kestrel and one of her best friends, Gemma. Oops, I mean Candy Corn.

And there is the lovely Rosalie!

I hope you all had a fantastic Halloween holiday.


juliette said...

Oh, what a scary pack of horrid creatures! I LOVE Lilly as a clown brumby and a chef clown brumby!!!!!! SO FUNNY!!!!!! You all get so into it! I love that about your town. I remember it from last year - all gung ho! Very cool and fun!
You are so funny in Brandon's mask. No wonder Lilly wasn't scared, she was cracking up laughing at you! What were you dressed as for the parade? Kestrel is a fabulous performer, bowing/courtseying like a pro in that one photo.
Still, I think Chef Clown Brumby picture should be on your mantle. Too cute!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Yikes! Lilly is BRAVE..that serial killer was scary for me!! The troll was too cute as were the other costumes!
Love Lilly as a rainbow afro clown!!

Allison said...

Lilly reminds me very much of a "Pinto" (dated word I guess, now) gelding that I rode in English shows as a youth. Paints were NOT expected to be in an English ring in 'those days'!!! But he did no wrong and against their will he made championship-- that was AFTER cleaning up in the Western classes all morning! lol His name was Gambler. Lilly is beautiful.

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