Christmas Donkeys Unite!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Today I made it over to the farm at 9:30 am for a trail ride with Jackie and Christine. I was soooo excited to ride because I haven't seen my brumby all week! I really love blogging too, so imagine my dismay when I returned home only to find I'd left my camera in the barn!

The good news is that I have quite the archive of pictures to blog with, including these great pictures of Buckey and Abel. I don't know if you appreciate the song Dominic the Christmas Donkey as much as I do, but this post is a tribute both to the wacky person who first recorded that song.....

....and to Buckey and Abel who are unbelievably charming, silly, curious and ancient-looking all at the same time. If you are ever feeling depressed, if you sing Dominic the Christmas Donkey at the top of your lungs, it will be impossible to feel depressed much longer.

Bill has had Buckey and Abel since his two youngest children were little tiny children.

I love how gentle and kind they are. You simply cannot look at them without smiling.

If I had a donkey, I would be very tempted to name it Rabbit. For obvious reasons!

Next post, you'll see Lilly the Christmas Brumby, and also that new rabbit we have! (Should I have named him Donkey?)

Happy Holidays to all!


juliette said...

Thank you for sharing those wonderful photos of Buckey and Abel. They are adorable!!! I love all donkeys and think one is definitely in my future. I do not know this song you speak of...I am heading out to hear it on the web! I can't wait to see the photos and hear the story of today's ride.

Frizzle said...

How have I never heard of your Christmas donkey tune? Who is this Dominic and why is there a song about him? You have piqued my curiosity!

Buckey and Abel are TOO CUTE!!

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