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Saturday, January 22, 2011

It has been cold and snowy all this week, and both Tuesday and Friday I fishtailed all the way to work in my Toyota. Thank goodness for the weekend when I am able to get back to the real business of living: seeing my brumby. You would not believe how dazzling my brumby is with her white fur, kept so clean by the snow which covers all the mud. She is so fabulous and smells so good, I fling myself into her belly and cry, I love you, Brumby! In the sun by the barn today, she was content and sleepy, even though the dogs were running wildly all around and even under her!

Sometimes while I am at work during the week, Bill will send me photos in an email of what is happening at the farm. Here is a snapshot he took of the doves at his feeder. Looks pretty crowded at the lunch counter!

Lately, Bill has brought Glitter down from the Big Pasture so Jackie can ride her. Ruby and Lilly have allegedly been picking on Glitter so badly that Bill had to resort to putting a blanket on her for protection! Bill claims my brumby can be so mean, and sent some pictures of how Lilly has already ruined Glitter's new armor. My sweet and sleepy brumby, mean? I actually think Bill used a different word. One that starts with a B (and it wasn't BRUMBY!).

Uh oh. I admit that blanket does not look good. Poor Glitter! Even still, today when we put the horses back in the pasture and Glitter was left alone in the barn momentarily, she hated it. She wanted to be back with the bossy horses! I did point out to Bill that Lilly herself had a big ole bite mark on her flank. I suppose an entire blog could be written on pecking order in horses.

Here is a creature of Bill's I never really worry about in wintertime: Bonnie Belle, the Scottish Highlander.

This mustbe the weather Bonnie Belle loves the most. Careful! Do not get poked by those horns!

Even though it was really cold today, the sun was so bright and the sky was so blue, it was great to be with the horses. Christine was there, and Jackie was there with Rosalie, and her other daughter Gracie. Rosalie said Glitter was being "as good as a rainbow." Don't you love that? As good as a rainbow? What a wonderful thing to say. Here is Rosalie offering the rainbow some water. What is Lilly doing? Is she thinking of taking a new bite out of Glitter? That would not be very rainbow-like.

We didn't ride today because the road is too icy, and the trail has a terrible crust of icy snow on it that threatens to bloody the horses' fetlocks. Tomorrow we have a plan to meet, to see if the plowed part of the ring will enable us to get back in the saddle. It is supposed to be frightfully cold though.

This picture came out fuzzy, but I wanted to show you Rosalie on her rainbow bareback this afternoon. Glitter is small and thin with such a small head, she looks very Araby. But no, she is a quarterhorse. She also has a polka dot on one of her feet which I adore.

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying their brumbies.


juliette said...

Oh, that naughty Bill saying a "b" word about the adorable, sweet, kind, loving, Brumby-girl, Lilly. Perhaps Glitter snagged her blanket on a tree branch...or, I know, accidentally, Bonnie Belle hooked Glitter with her horns when she was trying to shake snow off a tree branch! Yes, that must be it! (Although, Lilly does look like she is thinking about some silly behaviour in that one photo!:)
I am so happy the sun is shining and the sky is staying happy blue for you. Somehow it makes the cold temperatures more tolerable. I always had this fantasy of living in New England because it seems to me that you all get snow and cold, but nice clear blue skies and sunshine. Pennsylvania gets snow and cold and a dismal grey that hangs over us and never leaves in the month of February. I am worried and dreading it already.
I hope you get your ride in tomorrow.
Don't you just love the fun little things kids say? As good as a rainbow!

juliette said...

I have an award for you over at my blog. Please don't feel obligated to do this if you already won or are just too busy!

Paint Girl said...

Your brumby is just too cute to be mean!
We go through the same thing with Fritzy and Brandy. Fritz is so dominant and I am always finding bite marks on Brandy. I am hoping to separate them this summer. And I do call Fritz the B word and I mean it too! But your Lilly looks just too sweet to be called the B word!

Nuzzling Muzzles said...

With all that snow on her, Bonnie Belle might be mistaken for an Abominable Snowman rooting around for food.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

loved the pic in your header that showed the snow ball preventer in the shoeing...i need those! don't know how you all ride in this cold...brrrr. bad brumby for being mean! she is a 'mean girl' picks on jessie occaisionally and i have no clue why the dominant ones have to continue to reinforce their bully behaviors. stay warm!

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