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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

On Sunday, Bill was still in New York. He sent us this picture so we'd see his view from the hotel. Now that is a far cry from Bear River Horse Farm!!

Recently at work one of my co-workers said that over the weekend he and his wife had nothing to do so they went to the mall. My secret reaction: WHAT A LAMO. I don't know about you, but I am never in the position of having nothing to do. There are not enough minutes in one day to get all the things done that I want to. Sunday when I got up it was raining terribly. Cold, wet, yuck. So I made some cocoa ginger cookies.

Then we had to get Kestrel to ballet which is in Brattleboro. After we dropped her off (still raining), we decided to shoot over to Keene, New Hampshire where there is a giant tack shop called The Cheshire Horse. Here is Brandon in front of it.

I cannot tell you how great this place was. If I didn't have a plan with Jackie and Christine to get back to see my brumby, I would have stayed in this store for hours. They even have coffee and candy set up so husbands who are waiting do not get huffy immediately with their long wait. So smart of those Cheshire Horse people!

I really wanted to get this sign and hang it in the primo parking spots at Bill's. Can you imagine Bill's reaction when he saw that nailed to the barn door? HAH!

Speaking of Bill, they had a little Mr. Bill doll there. Oooohhh Noooooo, Colleen! Don't let that horse walk all over you! Show that horse you are the boss! Ooohh Noooo, don't get bucked off in a gallop! Ooohhh nooooooo!

There were a billion things I wanted to buy. But settled for a small saddle bag, some Tuff Rider winter riding boots (20% off), rainbow cones for better drill team practice in the ring, an orange crop to match my saddle pad and a small rubbery horse for Rosalie. I also found a helmet I wanted since I dropped my pink one on the ice and it cracked across the top. This helmet was made by Ovation and was super comfy.

When I made it back home and to Bill's it was obvious Mother Nature couldn't care less about any weekend horse plans I had. It was raining hard enough that I didn't even bother tacking up my brumby. Instead I went down to the ring to watch Jackie who wanted to lunge Pokey.

This picture reveals why March is my least favorite month of the year. Dreary. Wet. Ugly.

I think lunging a horse without a round pen is hard. Especially if you have a horse who is not exactly into it. Christine and I both watched Jackie and Pokey. Pokey didn't want to lunge. He just wanted to join up and snuggle. The weather and mud weren't helping one bit.

Maybe next weekend will be more horse-friendly!


Amber said...

Oh do share your recipe for the cocoa ginger cookies ... they look delicious!

How did you manage to leave that tack shop knowing it was raining outside? Oh wait, you had plans with Lilly! Now I understand :)

Congratulations on finding a new helmet! Can't wait to see it in action :)

juliette said...

Oh, my mom loves Mr. Bill...I hope she sees this post. I can't imagine your Bill in the big city.

That mud in the ring looks like our mud. I can't stand much more.

My neighbor, Winnie, makes those exact cookies. How kind of Brandon to join you in the tack shop. I don't think Brian would agree to such a dangerous trip (money and time!).

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Oooh! I would love to visit the Cheshire Horse. Wow! Such a huge selection. Our tack stores are slim pickings around here...just the cowboy basics..lots of roping and reining stuff.
Nothing pink at all!
You reminded me that I need to go helmet shopping ever since Bella bucked of my son and cracked my helmet. Grateful he was wearing the helmet, though!

Your cookies look just like the peanut butter/chocolate kisses cookies we make every Christmas. I've never heard of making them with ginger. Mmmmm!


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