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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Who made my brumby into a redhead? And why is she wearing Lilly's pink fly bonnet?? That is Glitter underneath my saddle! Both Saturday and Sunday I had the pleasure of riding Glitter. We make a good pair!

On Saturday, Christine and Bill and I headed out on the trail. Christine was riding QTee, Bill started on Freddie and returned on Ruby (seen here), and I took Glitter. But wait just a minute. I know what you are thinking. Where is the best Paint in the universe?

Lilly was having a little foot trouble. Here is her foot last weekend.

And here is her foot this past weekend with her new synthetic hoof added on for stability and balance. But she was still a little sore, even with her synthetic slipper. So she needed to wait a few more days before I throw my weight on her and put her to work. So I decided to expand my comfort zone and take Glitter out on the trail.

Lilly watched us go by. Was she sorry she wasn't coming along? I doubt it!

I was nervous about riding another horse on the trail! I told Bill and Christine that if my fear-o-meter started to go haywire, I would need to turn around and come back. I remained consistently at a level one (out of ten)! But I didn't take nearly as many pictures. Hardly any in fact! I must have been concentrating on Glitter.

Here are QTee and Christine watching for Bill as he traded Freddie for Ruby at the Big Pasture. Bill dropped Freddie off and went in search of the rest of the horses who had made themselves invisible!

Even Freddie was looking for them.

Earlier in the week after work, I went over to see Lilly. This is when I realized her foot was sore. I saddled her up and put her ruby slippers on. I am not sure why I look so sour in this picture. Maybe I was fretting about Lilly.

In any case, even though the ring is quite soft, I didn't do anything more than a walk. And not for very long.

Here are her rhythm bells. They make a nice and dainty chime.

Lo and behold! Because my brumby's feet were sore and she didn't want to move much, I think this motivated Brandon to get on her. He got up on her for, seriously, two seconds. I had to act fast to get this picture. As soon as he got up on her, he was ready to get down. His fear of horses always surprises me.

But then you see he goes and takes a picture like this. This is me trying to mount Lilly without her saddle. Yep, a classic butt shot of me hanging over her wondering how I can segue into actually sitting on her. This is such an embarrassing photo. But even I have to laugh at it. Lilly is probably thinking, whaaat now?

Remember this little guy? Against all advice not to, we have named him Spider! How would you like to see this woolly a spider crawling in your tent when you are camping. Ewww! Good thing this little spidey is so cute!


Michelle said...

You read my mind - I was just about to ask why you haven't been riding your lovely Lily! I'm sorry to hear she's having foot trouble...that seems to be going around these days! Don't you love what we can do with synthetics now though? Hope she feels better soon!

juliette said...

Great post about the fun times up there. So nice to see Brandon on a horse (a little grumpy face?)!

So funny that photo he took of you mounting Lilly bareback!

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