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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

OK so maybe Sunday was supposed to be the best day of the week and really it was sort of muggy and blah outside. Why should that matter when my brumby is so dazzling?However, I figured if Lilly wasn't up for going out, I'd take Glitter. But with her boots on, Lilly was good to go!

As Bill, Christine and I were setting out, Brandon and Kestrel showed up, prepared to tag along and hunt mushrooms. This is the first thing Brandon found. Ewwwww, so gross!

I didn't actually ride Lilly at all. I ended up walking along with the lead rope while Kestrel rode on her. I was not happy with this situation, truth me told. That is what I get when Kestrel wears flip flops for a rigorous hike in the woods. Grrrrrr. But all was not lost: by walking I probably burned 8000 calories, Lilly carried only a light load, and I still got to be with my brumby on the trail.

Here is Brandon peeking at some mushroom find. On this ride, Bill was on Bella. Maybe you like Bella's new hair cut?

Is mushroom hunting as fun as riding horses? DOUBTFUL!!

This mushroom is a Lepiota. Do you see its dainty little skirt?

The dynamic duo!

This little mushroom's common name is Earth Tongue. Does that crack you up? How would you like Earth licking you with this little tongue?

Another mushroom being born!

As I write this blog, this is what Lilly's feet look like. She is just having a terrible time this year with so many foot woes. Still, I really want to keep her barefoot. Bill is working with more smaller trims, keeping the flares down and trying to encourage her sole to become callused. It's just been so darn wet here that everything is complicated by it. Currently, Lilly is up in the steep pasture right behind Bill's house with the highland cow and the alpaca. It's much drier and without as much lush grass. I'm not going to give her any carrots for a while (not a single one!). She gets no grain as usual and will mainly eat hay. She won't be with the other horses, but she'll be able to see them. This is what I call The July Chapter. You must stay tuned to see how it plays out!


lily said...

I like very much.

Sawasdee ka!
I come to visit you blog naka. ^-^

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

ah, i sure hope lily foot problems end soon! i like you mushroom tour. they scare me though and i won't pick wild ones as i know nothing about them but i loved your pics!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wow! So many mushrooms! I don't think I've ever seen a mushroom growing in New Mexico. It's just too dry here. I have seen some fungus attached to rotten logs, though, but they aren't unusual or pretty like those you have there. That Earth Tongue tickled my funny bone! hehe!

I love that first photo. Is that a little hat on her head? So pretty! The flowers are the perfect touch!

Poor Lilly feetsies. You could send her here for a few months and her feet would dry up and toughen up quickly. My mare's feet are so dry and tough,my farrier asks that I soak them before he arrives, lest he break a pair of nippers or wear out his rasp. lol!


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