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Sunday, October 23, 2011

This weekend we left the bucolic pastures of western Mass and headed to Ocean Grove, NJ. Going to the beach is never a bad idea. While we were there, we were inexplicably drawn to Asbury Park (a hop and skip down the boardwalk) where it appeared some zombies had moved into town. A lot of them.

Enter Zombie Fest 2011. The Guinness Book of World Records claims the largest group of Zombies ever to be assembled was in Asbury Park. The truth is, the procession of zombies in the Zombie Parade was unending. Zombies of all ages, shapes and sizes dragged their club feet and nibbled brains all the way down the boardwalk. Just when you thought you couldn't look at one more zombie, more appeared.

Some zombies yelled, some twitched and moaned, some limped along alone. All of them were bleeding. Many of them loved having their pictures taken.

There were bride and groom zombies, nurse zombies, chainsaw wielding zombies, cell phone using zombies and drunken zombies. Some of them spilled over into Ocean Grove causing us to secretly rename the town Ocean Grave. I got so used to seeing them that later at the grocery store when I saw a kid in a cast hobbling around I grabbed Brandon's arm and gasped: There's another one!

But mostly, we has a quiet and lovely time. It's October, so dogs are allowed on the beach again. Getty does not like the water, but she loves racing around in the sand.

Sometimes at home I complain that our house is too small. Then I go to Ocean Grove and am reminded that it could be worse....

As usual, the weekend was too short.

I hope you all had a wonderful and frightless weekend.


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Agh! That hanging head freaked me out a little. lol!

So ironic to be reading this post on Zombies, because my boys and I are heading to North Carolina for a couple of awesome events next weekend that involve Zombies. We're all going to become Zombies, too. Nibbling on brains...nom...nom...nom.

I'll be sure to post about it on our return.

Love your photos, especially the one of Getty and Brandon on the beach.



juliette said...

Sounds like a fun time - crazy people to "people watch".

Getty is adorable on the beach.

I thought that house looked like the perfect size. I want to move into a tiny house so I have more time for horses and riding. The irony is that we already live in a small house, but we could do better - tiny, tiny!

Once Upon an Equine said...

That would be really freaky to walk amongst all those zombies. I'd love it though; I get a kick out of zombie movies and am hooked on watching the AMC series "The Walking Dead." It would be fun to dress up as one and stagger around.

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