It's a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Sunday, October 16, 2011

So it may have been a little windy yesterday, but Christine and I refused to be daunted. The air was warm, the sun was out. It was everything you want a day in October to be. Plus, at the barn I got to see Bella, who was getting a manicure.

While Bill stayed behind in the ring to do groundwork with Bella, Christine and I decided to brave the trail. Even though it was windy, sometimes when you get in the woods, there's no wind at all. We decided to go along the river trail (again!). It did not disappoint. Because earlier in the week we had another monsoon, the river was running wild. You couldn't see the sandy bottom at all as it turbulently flowed by. We were delighted. It's bow season here, and even though getting poked by an arrow is very unlikely, we have our safety orange on anyway.

Pehaps the only benefit to the hurricane at the end of August was that she took so many trees out along the river that now it is even more beautiful and open than before. Lilly was very well behaved on the trail, even on the steep downhill that makes all of the horses want to turn around and head for home. Although...she does like to stop and nibble leaves on the steepest part of the trail. Bad donkey!!

After the River Trail, we can make a big loop and head back the way we came (and back up the steep trail we rode down), or we can make a sharp left and catch up with the Ridge Trail, one of our other faves. We chose the Ridge Trail. Once on the Ridge Trail we have a few options as to what part of the trail we want to be on. This time we chose the one that drops us at the back of the Winter Pasture. And that's where this picture was taken. Once in the pasture, Lilly and QTee tried to gobble up mouthfuls of hay. The way these horses try to snack, you'd think they were staving. Not the case, I assure you. I've had Lilly 5 years now and not once have I seen her even remotely meeting the definition of small.

Back at the barn, just as we were arriving, the sky got dark and it began to sprinkle. This is my brumby chewing an apple that I gave her. And looking very cute, if you ask me.

At home, Brandon and Kestrel were no where to be found. So I turned on RFD-TV and caught a little bit of Dennis Reis working with a tarp and a very calm horse. I am not sure Lilly would tolerate the tarp like this horse. Dennis also had the tarp stuck through the night-latch and watching this almost gave me a heart attack. But the horse he was working with was very tolerant and loped around the round pen with the tarp flying along behind him.

For Sunday: maybe some more barrel racing in the ring!


Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

We rode through some mega wind too..brrr! I see the ORANGE is out; must be hunting season near you. I'm too scared to ride any trails during gun season (which I think is in November). Lilly looks adorable (as usual!).

juliette said...

I am glad you had sunshine even though you had wind too. At least you have gorgeous trails through the woods to ride on with your Lilly sweetie and friends. So pretty! That Bella is a cutie pie like her Lilly friend.

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