Quick! Squeeze a Ride In!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Today I got up from bed and zoomed to the farm to squeeze a ride in because all the meteorologists were insisting a giant snowstorm was on the way. You know what that means: everyone gets hysterical like they've never seen snow before. In any case, when I brought Lilly up from the pasture, this is what she looked like. A big, dirty mess!

Naturally, it being Halloween and all, I tried to scare her with my zombie mask. But, as this snapshot reveals, she was not surprised at all. Or scared. Or anything. She was probably thinking: Zombies are not supposed to wear pink.

Nope, not a single molecule of fright.

So it was off to the trail. Bill got ready and joined me with Ruby. This picture is of Bill adjusting his new helmet cam. (There will be clips later, rest assured)

I took this picture to verify that I am wearing my winter riding boots because it was so cold. I had hand-warmers, toe-warmers and these fuzzy boots and I was still cold. I have ridden in colder, bitterer weather so I don't know what my problem was. But it might be because this cold wintery snap has come on too fast.

I felt like I hadn't been on my brumby in forever! It's true that last week I didn't ride because we were at the Zombie Fest. I hate missing even one weekend of riding! I also really needed my sheepskin seat cover--my bum was not only cold, it was slipping around in the saddle!

Down at the Blueberry Pasture the horses ran over to see Bill. I mean, they took their own sweet time coming over. Horses are so cute. Their little ears slay me. Adorable!! I heard Bill asking the horses here if they were ready for the storm.

Because a few hours later, this is what was going on. That's Kestrel with Getty in the backyard, building a snowman. The apple tree behind them has not even had time to shed its leaves!

Getty made good use of the snow, racing around like a rocket.

Happy Snowy Trails!


lmel said...

Good for you! You got in a ride before the big snow!
I see Lily isn't fazed by your mask, but Getty is looking at you funny. I'm thinking of pulling out my fuzzy winter boots too. Can't wait to see the helmet-cam rides. I tried one while skijoring with Harley, but there was too much vibration. Maybe Bill has some pointers for me!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I'm not ready for winter, WAHHHHHH!
Your zombie mask is really scary-your Brumby is brave! I wouldn't even want that mask in my house but I am a WIMP. lol

juliette said...

Blueberry pasture - I love the names of everything up there! I don't love the snow though.

So glad you got your ride in.

I need to find out about your boots again. I will try to go back and read old posts. They look warm!

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