Equine Affaire Inspiration!

Friday, November 11, 2011

While I was at work on Thursday, Bill was at the Equine Affaire and he sent me this picture to make me feel better about being stuck inside buried in paperwork. How I hate being at work sometimes!! Under that tarp is a three year old green colt that Guy McLean was working with during a clinic. Can you say AWSUM? Needless to say, today since the office was closed for Veterans Day, I went over to the farm to do some tarp work with Lilly.

Do you see that empty carrot bag tied to the end of the crop? Lilly looks very cute inspecting it here, but in truth, she was very nervous about it. So I couldn't begin with a giant blue tarp. I began with a tiny carrot bag. Luckily, Lilly progressed easily, but the wind whipping around everything in sight did not help.

Bill came down and we advanced to, not a tarp, but a hospital scrub...which Bill happens to have laying around because both his wife and daughter are nurses. Don't think the scrub was any less scary than a tarp.

Lilly was very leery of the scrub. Just a harmless little scrub. She hated it.

I can only imagine what she thought it was.

I mean, she really hated it. She was very against having it anywhere near her. It's nice to have Bill help because when Lilly gets like this, I get intimidated, let go of the lead rope and then she learns how to run away from the non-scary item rather than treat it like a ho-hum-who-cares kind of thing. Bill is much better in scary situations than I am. It certainly didn't help that the wind was blowing wildly and the horses in the pasture were galloping hither and yon, kicking their feet up and twirling around in circles like cocaine ballerinas.

But eventually, Lilly started to feel a little better about the dastardly scrub.

She knows Bill would never hurt her.

It is nice when you see your horse trusting.

She really hated the tarp across her back like this. Right after I took this picture, she had a freak out.

But she was making a honest effort! Good brumby! I am proud of you!

Tomorrow, I am off to the Equine Affaire myself! Details to come!!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

What a brave brave brumby! Can't wait to hear about Equine Affair.

(cocaine ballerinas lololol)

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Good Brumby indeed!

She is such a pretty girl.


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