Mid Week Meander

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It may be a mid-week meander, but I am not a part of the meandering party. While I am at work, Bill and Jackie are out on the trail having oodles of fun. So I am at work getting pictures detailing how it is going. And it looks like a lot more fun than what I am doing! They shoot video with helmet cam....

...they visit the horses in the BP.....

...they find my long lost crops! I am always losing crops. I am not sure where they go, but they are constantly vanishing into thin air. My favorite crop was royal blue and I lost it the first time I took it out. Within an hour, the crop goblins had managed to steal it. The thing is that my brumby can get awfully slow in her plugging along, and having a crop is a necessity.

Maybe you'd like to see some helmet cam footage? If so, click right here for clips from Bill and Jackie's mid week ride.

Meanwhile, our snow is melting. Not as fast as I thought it would, but sure enough, it is vanishing (just like my crops). Here is a picture of our woodpile on Sunday, and the picture below is the woodpile...

on Wednesday. Today it felt downright balmy. However, many of my co-workers still do not have power.

I love snow, but not quite so early. It's too hard on deer and wildlife in my opinion.

I am getting excited because the Equine Affaire in Springfield is a week away. Think of all the crops I can get there! This year Clinton Anderson and Chris Cox won't be there. I'll be forced to investigate some other clinicians. Maybe I'll go hog wild and buy a new saddle! ( I am always threatening to do that.) One booth I really love is one with all these leather scabbards for the saddle. I don't know why I love looking at them. I guess I like fantasizing that I am Annie Oakley! Hah! What a thought!

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juliette said...

Oh, lovely snowy apple.

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