For one day: Blossoms not brumbies

Friday, May 25, 2012

Thursday Kestrel had her Presentations of Learning at school so Brandon and I both took the day off to go and see it. I thought I'd have time to see Lilly after, but between the presentation and the rain, I didn't make it. We did however, manage to get some annuals at a garden shop that day. I love this kind of shopping.

I found that the little wagon for lugging plants around was also great for lugging my purse around.

This garden center was fabulous. The plants were not only getting the Led out, they were artfully arranged.

I even found Elvis back in the hothouse making love to some petunias. Elvis, I said, how perfect that you are back here. Because you are hot.

Back by the herbs, Brandon found a horse that he actually agreed to ride. A Paint!

This weekend I will be back with my brumby.

And finally....

I had been wondering why this plant was doing so badly. Now I see why.

Long weekend coming up! Yeeehaw!


Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Bunny camo lol - at first I thought is was a big 'ol mushroom. ;)

I love plant shopping!

lmel said...

Hah! Great pics from the greenhouse--especially Elvis among the flowers.

Yeehaw for the long weekend!

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