Spacious Sky Sunday

Thursday, June 21, 2012

We don't really have spacious skies around here. We have small skies under which local families make the most gorgeous hay you will ever find. I saw these guys driving home from my ride this past Sunday. Thank you, Earth, for this food.

I still haven't figured out the new blogger. So I experiment. Playlist also underwent a transformation recently...which means this ludite has been limping along when adding new songs to my blog playlist. In any case, Sunday was a great day for a ride. Christine had just gotten out of the hospital after a bout with pancreatitis. Hospital bed one day, saddle the next. We do not mess around over here. We take our horseback riding seriously.

Christine is a big fan of Bill's horse Charlie. So while QTee is in a sort of semi-retirement, Charlie becomes Christine's cheval du jour. Charlie is a big and curious guy, totally loveable. He and Lilly also get along very well which makes for one less wrinkle on the trail.

 It was so GREAT to be back on Lilly. Her new shoes are marvelous. Her feet are sound. She is obedient and snuggly. I do love Bella, but it is always nice to be out with my very special brumby. 

If you came to Bear River Horse Farm, you would be able to distinguish Charlie in the pasture because he has two white hind socks. When you ride him you will see his big, beautiful mane falls on either side of his neck. Lilly, by total contrast, has the thinnest and most delicate mane in the existence of horsekind.

We rode the short trail and then by the BP and then came back through the Ridge trail backwards. It was perfect. Both horses were perfect. When we got back to the barn, look how I treat my saddle and saddle pad! Just tossed on the ground! The truth is, I want to get it off of her as soon as possible. It's probably pretty hot with all that on. It looks like someone was sitting there and just vaporized and all that is left is the saddle and helmet. Hah! I hope that does not mean I am a wicked witch!

See you soon, my pretties.


Paint Girl said...

Looks like you are having gorgeous riding weather! Wish I could say the same!
Love the hay field. It is almost that time of year to start loading up the local hay! But it could be delayed this year due to all the rain. Hopefully not!

juliette said...

Good for Christine getting out and riding straightaway!

Glad your Brumby is back able to amble through your gorgeous woods and trails. I can't wait to get the tack off the boys too as soon as I get back - ick - off damn tack, off. Hugs and kisses to your cute Lilly. She is adorable in the photos.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Yay Christine for getting back on the trail so quick. Yay brumby's feet feeling fine! It won't be too long before the hay cupboard is bare around here - better go so I can earn more cabbage! ;)

lmel said...

Wow, out from the hospital and on horse--you go girl! Looks like you guys had an awesome ride. Don't you just love the smell from a hay field?

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