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Sunday, June 10, 2012

Lately I have been working a lot on a special brumby project that I can reveal later. It gobbles up all of my time. So this weekend I have one post for two days of riding. I rode both days, but on Bella because Lilly's feet are ouchie. It's probably because we've had So. Much. Rain. that there is not a dry particle of soil for miles. Soggy soil mean sore feet. But I do love Bella. I always have. Here is a picture if a baby porcupine making its way up a tree to get away from us.

Bill was on Freddie. Although that might look like a baby bear, it is just Getty!

There is Getty again, hanging out in some tall hay.

Here we are in a tiny part of the Blueberry Pasture where Bill is making some of his own hay. Which is hard to do when it rains all the time.

There go Bill and Freddie across the little creek. Freddie did not want to go. The thing is of course, once you start something, you have to see it through, otherwise the horse learns that he holds all the cards. So Bill worked with Freddie while Bella stamped her feet as we waited. At first I thought she was impatient. But then I realized a few bugs were biting her. In the end, Freddie went through just fine. And Bella went crashing through right after.

Here I have taken a picture from the other side, as Bill and Freddie are coming up from the creek on their third time through. (Practice will make perfect!)

Then today we got lucky! The sun came out. First I hung a million things on the clothesline...even though my husband complains that the clothesline makes his clothes feel like hardened plaster. Then it was time to ride. I took this picture on my way to Bill's. I didn't think Lilly was going to feel like riding, so I was already  planning on getting Bella out again and taking another cruise on her.

First Bill gave her a quick pedicure. And then he trimmed that unruly forelock! It is amazing Haflingers can see at all with their luxurious manes! We joke that maybe Bella doesn't seem afraid of anything because she can't see anything!

So then Bella and I set out solo. Bill was watching golf and Christine wasn't feeling well. Today riding Bella was like riding an angel. She was calm and willing the entire ride, even when we left the barn and her buddies,  and again when we passed the BP where her other buddies were lounging. She gave a few whinnies but then put her head down and charged on. Bill called a few times from the couch to check on us, but there was no need. We were having an excellent trail adventure.

 And for now, it's back to Sunday night sighing and wailing over having to go to work tomorrow. If wishes were horses, I'd have a million of them wishing I didn't have a job!

Happy Trails, all you weekend warriors.


lmel said...

How true! Wouldn't it be nice if Monday was just another day at the barn? I'm still trying to figure out how I can do that!
Lovely photo of the fields and mountains--on a perfect day too. We certainly deserved this fine weather after all that rain.
Have you tried using Keratex Hoof Gel on Lily? We recently started using it on Ruffy--she's got shelly feet that don't do well in mud. So far it seems to have helped out. Expensive, but maybe worth a try. Dover Saddlery and Valley Vet sell it.
Like you, my steed is getting a break. Harley got heat bumps after our Memorial Day ride which then blistered and now he's got a bald patch (my poor boy). So he's getting a break from me until he heals and I find a new saddle! And I'm riding Rolex Girl. She's so different--narrow, and green--wanders without direction. A good experience, I hope, for both of us!
Five more days and then it's the weekend again!

juliette said...

I am so curious about the Brumby project that takes all your time! I can't wait to hear about it!

Bella is the littlest cutie substitute. I love her and wish I lived up there to borrow her for some fearless riding in the woods. You and Bill are lucky to have gorgeous places to ride.

Getty is cute as a baby bear!

I adore hanging clothes out and Maizie complains about the plaster feel of her clothes. Frugal (cheap) Brian loves the feel because it tells him how much money I saved by not using the dryer! Isn't that funny? My clothes line is near our own little patch of honeysuckle here at our house and our house is quiet (no trucks or auto auctions like the barn) so I love being out there and listening to the birds. Noodlebug loves it too-she rolls around at my feet.

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