Vacation, all I ever wanted

Monday, July 9, 2012

Last week I had the week off. It was like being in heaven. I rode my brumby every day! I'd get up, gobble up my newly discovered chocolate flavored Malt O Meal,  and head over to the barn.

It was very hot all week, but most wonderful in every way. I didn't even take that many photos because I was having so much fun lollygagging around on the trail with Lilly.

I took this picture while waiting for Christine on Friday. She was a little late getting there and it was too hot to tack Lilly up. So we hung out in the barn together.

I kept myself busy with the camera. My goodness, Granny, said the wolf, what an incredibly huge forehead you have.

Here's my country album cover.

I put the camera on a stick and got this photo of Lilly. In the stall you can see Bonnie Belle the cow (sort of) and Rudy (kinda). When Christine arrived, she and Bill and I had a beautiful ride in the woods.

On Saturday I took one day off from riding Lilly. We spent the day in Mystic at the historic seaport. It was verrrry interesting. Sure I missed my brumby. But I'm sure she liked having a day off after seeing me all week.

 Mystic is great because it's a real figment of history. Here is Brandon being dwarfed by a British anchor from revolutionary days!

If you have a teenager, you get to see a lot of sullen faces when you look through the camera. Here's Kestrel standing next to an insanely cool boat restoration. It was much more exciting that she is letting on.

In every boat, Brandon was the first one down under the deck. We saw lots of little beds that look like cradles that the sailors slept in.

Brandon loves boats. Here we are on a tall ship named the Joseph Conrad. If I were in charge of a tall ship, the ropes would end up in an enormous and terrible tangle.

Both Brandon and Kestrel were dying to climb the rigging.

This shop was a demonstration of how they used to make rope.

HAH! This picture could be called: Resolve Not To Smile.

We did find some adorable sand crabs.

Naturally, a day of learning makes one very hungry for local fare.

I recommend this restaurant if you are ever in Noank. It was right on the water and we got to see boats coming and going. You could BYOB and BYOD (Bring Your Own Dog). You could also Bring Your Teenager. They are allowed most places.

MMMMmmmmm, I could not eat a lobster peering at me. But I did get 6 oysters on the half shell! One of my favorite foods!!!!!!!!!

There's the girl we know!! A smile cracks through!!!!!

Back at home, Brandon was scrambling up a tree to get these mushrooms. They are Laetiporus sulphureus, commonly known as Chicken of the Woods. Or in my mind: creepy brain mushroom.

Up next, more brumby adventures!!


Once Upon an Equine said...

Glad you had a great vacation. Looks like a lot of fun with Lilly and family and good food and interesting sights. Nice! (I'm with you on the Lobster; don't think I could look at it looking back at me...and those whisker thingies sticking out...eww. I'm more of a fan of shrimp...with the shell off)

juliette said...

Great riding your Lilly girl! Lilly is so cute and I am glad you loved her up all week.

You take the best photos. I am blown away by how fast Kestrel is growing. Taller, more mature, and yes, more serious. Wow. Teenagers are interesting!

lmel said...

Sounds like an awesome vacation--even the time spent with the sullen teen and not the brumby! (Although I suspect she was really having a lot of fun) :)
Great pics from the coast and my, those mushrooms look yummy.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Very nice vacation you had my dear. Lovely pictures (when is your album coming out?) and fun comments. (especially the teen related ones) ;)

Oysters are my number one favorite thing to eat in the entire world. I could put a hurting on a bushel all by myself - embarrassing but true.

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