Adventuring the Day Away

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Yesterday I made my way over to Bill's to see Lilly and get some riding in. It was a perfect summer day, and even though Lilly was shoeless, I knew I could put her Renegade boots on and start adventuring. I decked her out in some pink duds and we took off. That's Bill on Bella waaaay in front.

We didn't go right and take the usual trails. This time, we went right, out to the road and through a little thicket of woods and then out  along the power lines. They were doing work on them (or getting ready to) so there was a new stone dust road waiting for us.

We were pretty high in the sky! Not that Bella seems to care!

It was a pretty nice view up there by the giant power towers. Having made his living as a lineman for the power company, Bill was telling me just how powerful the lines were. It made my heart quail.

In order to traipse across the wetlands, the power company had to make these wooden roads over the swampy areas. My brumby did not want to walk over them. I suppose I could have eventually gotten her to ride over them, I got off and walked her. It's not so much the wood that bothered me, but do you see those cut outs along the side? If she freaked and got her foot caught in one of those, it would be the end of an era. So we walked and she gave each board the hairy eyeball.

As we continued on our journey, we passed some pet donkeys. Boy were they cute. 

We skirted some cornfields. Apparently, bears like to go into the corn and eat in there. I guess it is possible a bear might pop out as you are walking by. If that prospect does not get your heart fluttering, maybe nothing will! Later we passed three guys setting up a badminton net. One of them said, "That horse has pink gear!"

Are those autumn leaves already falling?? Say it isn't so! With her new trim and Renegades, Lilly did great. But I was still glad to get back to the barn and off of her back. It'd be nice to see if we could get her barefoot.

Just a little tune up! And another ride is done.



lmel said...

Boy, wish we had boardwalks through the muck under the power lines--then I wouldn't be swimmin' in the bogs! Good girl for walking over the spooky planks, Lily.
How do you like your Renegades? I'm thinking about getting them for Harley, especially when we pull his shoes so he won't be so ouchy. Do they stay on when you go through the muck and at fast speeds? Trying to gather info on different boots and really like the Renegade's style and fit.

baystatebrumby said...

Hi Imel! Out of all the boots I have tried for my horse, the Renegades are my favorite. They aren't bulky and fit well. I learned about them from another blogger:(, who had only great things to say about them. However, I do think she is out west, in a drier climate then we are. Drier and rockier. The only problems I have had with the Renegades have everything to do with mud. Either the velcro gets super mucked up and therefore less sticky in the mucky spots, or (and this has happened three times) the boot gets sucked off completely. Once it got sucked off in mud deep enough it took weeks to resurface. So I have often felt if I was only on dry terrain, they'd get an A. So for me, a B+. But a solid one.

juliette said...

LOVE the donkeys!!!!!!!!!!!! And the view, and Bella and Bill, and you and Brumby and every such thing. Do not love bears, at least, I would be scared of them I think.

Also, I am with you about the board bridge. I would definitely walk over that on foot. That looked scary! What a view you all had!

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