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Sunday, October 14, 2012

I love the weekends because I get to sleep in. BUT ALSO because that's when I get to ride my brumby! This weekend was extra nice for riding for two reasons: first, Mother Nature was gracious and kind, and second, Christine was able to ride! YEAY!! Christine and I haven't ridden out on the trail together in weeks!  Bill had also brought QTee back from her the Big Pasture so Christine could ride her so on Saturday we tacked up together and headed out.

At first Lilly insisted on acting like she didn't even know who QTee even was. She sniffed QTee's head, then let out a loud squeal and gave a little kick that landed her foot in the water bucket. Not expecting that result, Lilly tried to shake the bucket away which sent water flying everywhere. Sigh. Once that was out of her system, the ride was fabulous.

Christine has a new job. It's in the mental health care field, which is her specialty. She now supervises a bunch of supervisors, their supervisors, and various other people. So she is essentially on call every hour of every day. She had to take a call while we were out on the trail. I caught this hysterical picture of QTee giving her two-cents worth mid-conversation. Paging Dr. QTee! Paging Dr. QTee!

After riding we ran some errands and I got Brandon to get in this contraption at the Halloween store. At first he tried to refuse!

Sunday I was back at the barn. There are only three horses in the near pasture now: Lilly, Ruby and Charlie. Qtee has already been returned to the BP. Christine does love Charlie though so he was tacked in in Christine's english saddle. Then we all headed down to the ring.

It's been so long since Lilly and I have been in the ring! I confess, the trail has won my heart so much more. Plus, in the ring I really have to be careful about stressing Lilly's feet. That is a no-no.

I got this book a while ago. I was hoping it would give me some good patterns to set up with cones and other stuff to keep the ring interesting. I really love setting up obstacle courses. I also love anything timed.  So now I have this book for ring-time inspiration. Perhaps I don't like the ring so much because it means I have to commit and have discipline. It is not like wandering merrily along out on the trail looking at owls and trees. In the ring you need a plan. In any case, I am interested in trying many of the games in this book. It is true they will not be as fun if I am alone in the ring, but I am sure I can persuade Bill or Christine, or Jackie K  to join in the fun.

Back at home I found Ailment getting in on the Halloween fun by hanging out with these bloody fingers from the Halloween store. Now that is creepy!

Hope everyone is enjoying Autumn on horseback!


lmel said...

I know what you mean about trail riding versus ring riding. It's so much more fun to look at mushrooms rather than thinking about circles, and bending, etc. Like you, I'd rather be in the woods! Looks like you got some nice riding in this weekend.

Paint Girl said...

Another fantastic weekend of riding!! I prefer trail riding too but don't mind riding in the arena, especially with a young horse, gotta do it!
Please refresh my memory... is Ailment a rat? Gerbil? I just might be having a blonde moment!!

Marissa said...

I'm loving reading your blog! Your paint is sooo cute, my friends love to make fun of me because I am a total sucker for horses that are colored! Its true, trail riding is so much more relaxing! I ride gymkhana though, so I practice a lot of patters/games in the arena! It makes it so much more enjoyable to arena ride when you have a goal in mind!

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