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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Today Bill's haflinger Bella was taken to her new home. Most of Bill's horses are for sale. Bella was sold a few weeks ago and  the timing was such that I was able to go with Bill when he took Bella to her new family.

Bella's new family is the best. They were waiting for her when we got there. They told her how happy they were that she had arrived. They hugged and kissed her. It makes such a difference knowing that a creature you love is going to live with people who will love her just as much.Of course, Bill does not sell his horses to just anyone. Buyers have to pass The Bill Test.

Bella has four new herdmates. But for today, and maybe tomorrow, she will be kept semi-separate. There's Bill and Bella's new owner, Tammy.

Not that the other four aren't interested. Were they ever! They are:  Salty, Cinnamon, Pocahontas, and Pocahontas's baby (a yearling), Quaniti. The funny thing about Quaniti is that both of her parents are Paints, and she is totally solid!

Salty is a POA. And Bill has a special connection to him because Salty also used to be Bill's horse. So Bill hadn't seen Salty in years! But there he was looking as fit as a fiddle. I will write about a funny Salty story in another post.

 There you can see what a pretty rump Salty has.

It was easier to leave Bella behind knowing that the people who have her know so much about horses and have been good parents to Salty. Plus, she's not too far away--just a couple towns over-- if we want to come and see her.

Her new pasture is just as spacious and beautiful as her old one.

But I will miss her so bad! Here's a picture taken after Bill first brought her home in 2010 (it could have been 2009).  She was just a baby then!

Bella was the very first horse besides my own that I wanted to ride. There was something about her that appealed to my heart and soul. She helped me expand my comfort zone! She might test you, but her good nature is 100% winsome. This summer I nicknamed her The Bulldozer! I cannot tell you how many laughs out on the trail Christine and I had when Bella would charge through and over anything. We'd laugh and laugh!

Bella, have fun in your new home! Your new owners are top notch! You are going to love them! And I will miss you very much.
Answers to the QUIK QUIZ from last post!!
First picture: Ironwood, Poplar, Beech, Red Maple, Oak and Sugar Maple
Second picture: Peach, Cherry, Apple and (tiny) Apple!
Third picture: These are a mystery to me!


juliette said...

Oh happy day that Bella found a good new home, but oh, sad day that she isn't at Bear River. She is just the most adorable thing and I had an idea that I would just drive up and scoop her up some day for my mom, but she was having none of it.

I didn't do too well on the quiz. I sure don't know my leaves!

Anonymous said...

It is great that Bill is so careful about where he places his horses - she looks like she's got a great home!

Cindy Durham said...

I wish all people were as concientious as Bill is about where their horses go. I know I am, but I know several who are not. It seems to be bad out here in the "Cowboy Up" state, in the sense that many people out here are still in the early 1900's in respect to proper horse care.
Anyway, Bella is a doll and I do love a happy ending!

lmel said...

It's nice to see Bella going to a good home and kudos to Bill for making sure his horses are in the right kinds of places. So many sad stories out there of horses winding up in terrible situations.

Looks like I need to brush up on my leaf ID'ing!
Of course! Ironwood, one of my fav's for the wood stove.

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