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Friday, November 9, 2012

I can't believe how my blogging suffers when things start to pile up. A lot of things have been happening lately, and I am sorry to say they have not even been glorious, and even worse, they have gotten in the way of my blogging. I have still been squeezing rides in! This is from a few weeks ago when I was out with Jackie K. This is one of my favorite spots to snap a photo. Because it is always a good photo, and for me, always tells a story. This is the Winter Pasture and not ten minutes after I took this photo, I saw a coyote running through the pasture across the street.

Oh oh. You know how I just said things have come up that haven't been so glorious? Well.....seeing this sight in a person's yard is never a good thing....and much worse when it happens to be in your own yard.

A septic snafu!!! Quite the opposite of glorious, in fact: downright gross.. Ewwww, not a nice way to spend a morning at all! I'd rather be riding, obviously!!!

Then Halloween came along and I managed to freak a few people out at work by planting these bloody fingers in the kitchen cabinet there. I also sprinkled some rubber centipedes around the place and got a bunch of people squawking. It is so easy to cause a fuss at work. Sooooo easy.

The best part of the last few weeks has been, without fail, my weekend rides with brumby. And in this case, Bill and Jodie. I've been using my "new" Simco saddle. It happens to fit me and my brumby perfectly. I think when I get my sheepskin seatcover out, when it really gets cold, and start wearing my puffy pants, the saddle will be too small for my bum to comfortably fit in. But until then, it is awesome. I love that the seat is suede.

Last Sunday was really cold. I had to wear my Carhartt insulated pants (pink of course) and put toe warmers in my boots. I also went out late because I saw friends in the early afternoon. On my way home on the trail, it was actually dark out. Ummm, I am much more comfortable riding in the daylight hours.

The exciting news for this weekend is that the Equine Affaire is in town!!!! I am so excited. Bill and Karen P have already been. One of the guys Bill really likes is there: Guy MacLean. I am hoping Cavallo has a booth, and maybe the Easyboot company. And I need a new helmet because I think a mouse peed in mine.

Equine Affaire Fantasy List:
1. girth, 34 inches, preferably the kind with sheepskin
2. helmet--preferably by Ovation
3. Cavallo accessories
4. halter and lead rope in sparkly colors
5. winter riding boots that are actually warm (I'm not holding my breath)
6. winter riding gloves that are easy to wear and warm (not holding my breath for those either)
7. more of everything that I already have because getting new stuff is really fun
Well, I said it was a fantasy list. But I am looking for a girth and a helmet for real.

Hope everyone is enjoying the fall and staying warm.


juliette said...

Adorable pink Carhartts - did I really not know you had pink ones!?!

So sorry about the not so nice stuff - hope all is just icky and annoying and NOT serious.

Also, just have to ask - who in the world wears a 34 inch girth?!!! Sweet Lilly? Oh, my she is petite!!!! Sovey and Foggy use 48" and Pie wears a...52"!!!!!!!!!!

Paint Girl said...

Love the Carhartts!! And of course in pink! Just my color!
I really wish I could find warm gloves too. You would think that by now a horse company would have come up with something by now! So I continue to stick with hand warmers!
Hope things start to look up for you soon!!

lmel said...

OMG--my yard looks the same as yours! Septic snafu here as well. Jeeze, I really hope I didn't jink my blogger pals!
Wanted to go to E.A. but too many other expenses, including the septic. My list included a new Smith Worthington trainer saddle. Oh well, maybe I'll wait until March when they have their tent sale. If I have any money after all my snafus!
Good luck with the warm boots and gloves. I use Muck Boots (Arctic) and mittens in the winter--only way to stay warm.

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I don't know what to think about the fellows that run those septic suckers... I baby my septic hoping to avoid their visits.

Yay brumby rides and photos!
Yay pink Carhartts!
Yay fantasy lists!
(boo severed finger plus centipede hider!!) ;D

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