Best Ride o' the Season!

Sunday, December 30, 2012

We've had a Nor'easter blow into town!

Aside from riding on a beautiful summer day, is there anything better than riding in a blizzard through the woods? NOT REALLY!! Saturday the sky was dark gray all morning. By lunchtime, the flurries were flying.

My brumby was super slow, but made no complaints about trudging through the snow. I got a lot of snow down my back on this ride. Brrrr! But thank goodness for puffy pants and toe warmers!! I was very warm for the whole ride. Lilly had her Renegades on, but maybe next time, I'll see if she can trudge without them. The problem is that snow builds up under the straps...and I worry that as it gets icy it feels uncomfortable. And then when the ride is over, they are frozen solid. I have to use the hook pick to chip away at the ice to unwrap the velcro.

 Do you like Lilly's new pink dress? A Christmas present from my non-horse-loving husband! Not too shabby!

To see a video recap of our ride, just follow THIS LINK

Happy Snowstorm!


Karen C. said...

I can't wait for a big snow like this so I can ride in it. What beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

juliette said...

So beautiful! I dread the snow down the back, but look forward to winter wonderland rides like this. How lovely is Miss Lilly in her new pink dress! I just spied a fleece saddle cover on the Queen in my favorite old riding book so I am going to look for one of those online. We could never look as good as you guys though, in all your pink gear! Foggy could pull it off, because he is a little feminine, but Sovey and Pie would probably object!

Paint Girl said...

Beautiful! So very pretty! I haven't ridden in the snow since I was a teenager. I love the last picture of you and Lilly. Very pretty pink saddle pad!

lmel said...

Lovely photos and video! I want a helmet camera like Bill's--what fun it would be. Thanks for taking me on a ride. Wish I could share mine from today, but Rolex and Harley were a little wound up.

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