Jack Frost Nipping at my Nose

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday at high noon I went over to the farm to see if Lilly wanted to go for a trail ride. Jack Frost decided to tag along. It was cold but the sun was so bright, all the horses were dozing in the sunshine. It was so quiet and serene. Only one brumby could not be found with the others. It took me a few minutes to finally spot her. This is all I could see of her with my camera on zoom. At first I thought it was darn cute. But when I called to her, there was no movement. None. In less than a fraction of a nanosecond, my heart did a blackflip and then began to race. Was something wrong with her? The second time I called her name there was surely a note of hysteria in it. Maybe not a note. Maybe a whole crescendo.

Up popped my brumby's head. Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeew. Nothing wrong at all. Just a napping brumby, exhausted from two days of harsh wind and two feet of snow. Thank you, adrenalin, for kicking in and making me think my mare was laying dead in the snow. I closed my eyes and praised God. Or Allah, or the Great Spirit. Or whoever. Let's just say I was very relieved. Next time I must remember not to panic.

 And then I had to take a thousand pictures, because it is just not everyday I see Lilly lounging on the ground, and even fewer days still when she lets me approach her that way. If Bill had been around with his camera, we could have filmed me climbing on and rising up into the air when she stood up, Lord of the Rings style! But he and Jackie K were over at Willie Gray's getting hay. And it probably would have been a clumsy video anyway, given how I am not even sure how to climb on a lounging horse.

OK, so I know this is not a flattering picture (big fatty with no ears), but the fact is, I was overjoyed, being able to walk all around my brumby while she just sat there. Clumsy or not, I wanted to climb on her back so bad.

Anyway, we finally made it out on the trail. Only we didn't actually go on the trail because Bill's road, unpassable by cars, was like a beautiful trail unto itself. Mother Nature had outdone herself, turning the landscape into a beautiful wedding cake.

Do you know the part in the movie The Perfect Storm when George Clooney's character says there is nothing at all like leaving the shore and heading out to sea?  He says, Is there anything better in the world? I love my brumby like Billy Tyne loved being a captain at sea.

While we were out Lilly decided she did not like the unfamiliar object in the road.

Not so unfamiliar after all, Brumby! That's Bill's green tractor that you have seen every day of your life for the past five years. Still, Bill should put his toys away when he is done playing with them. He could give a mare a heart attack! 

To be fair, I think Bill got a flat tire and had to go get supplies.

 Looks like Bill ended up pulling out the big guns.

A cold but lovely excursion.

Hope my fellow snowbunnies are doing OK!


Willow said...

I just always find it so cool how your post always highlight the love you have for your Brumby ...last photo too cool ~ being followed by you horse riding ~ day shadow. Of course now I am humming "Moon Shadow and calling Wildfire" sorry I gone on.
My mares were out havin a blast in all the snow today and I finally learned how to get up more that two photos ... managed 6, so proud
Stay bundled I admire you determination love and dedication to your Bruby!

lmel said...

How much snow did you end up with? We got about 2 to 2 1/2 feet. Awesome and so beautiful! You got some great pictures. And yes, with this storm, you did need the big guns! We used the tractor at the barn to clear a pathway in, and to clear the pasture gates and water troughs. Lots of fun in the snow and sun today, just wish I could be riding or skiing instead of snowshoeing--too slow!

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

Oh I know that "awww sleeping" moment turned into "WHAT!?NO MOVEMENT?!!" panic, lol And the want to hop on their fuzzy backs while they nap for a good cuddle ;)
Your snow ride looks awesome.
So Lilly is never blanketed correct? I must remember that when I opt to put one on Laz when he really doesn't need it....

Willow said...

Well my post up above, certainly sounded like I was illiterate ~ with all the mistakes in it, good grief I was so tired from all the shoveling out yesterday I think I was nodding off while commenting ...sorry for calling Miss Brumby "Bruby" ... sorry Lilly . I post from a tiny phone keyboard! And then it is annoying when someone comes back just to correct themselves I am sure ~ eek

juliette said...

Oh that first photo of Lilly is so funny...until the panic, but whew! All is soooo fine as she naps in the snow and you climb on her and love her up and get on her. She is just the prettiest snow princess ever.
Gorgeous snow photos. Everything up there is magical - even a blizzard. Who has trails and horses like you? And Bill and people named "Willie Gray" where you get hay. Magical. I have no desire to move north, but if I did...
Enjoy it all - gobble it up - so perfect!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm like you....if I could get that close to my mare while she was laying down, I would be so tempted to get up on her back..but then I feel like she might be offended and our trust might be ruined in some way. She is trusting me not to pounce on her at her most vulnerable...at least that's the way I see it. But perhaps that's just my human way of thinking and she wouldn't mind at all. Although I do think she would struggled just to lift us both up after all the extra 'insulation' I've acquired this winter. hehe!

Such a beautiful...no..gorgeous, snowy trail you rode on. We've not had much snow at all this year, and I actually do miss it just a little. I wish we could ride together someday. :)


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