Narnia, I knew you'd come again!

Saturday, March 23, 2013

So just because the calendar says March, that doesn't mean Old Man Winter is on his way out. Not a chance. And even though on March 20th the first day of spring rolled into town, the only thing we have rolling in around here is a snowy wonderland.

I can tell you, I don't mind one bit. Spring will eventually get here for real. In the meantime, I have no complaint with a harmless little snowstorm.

There goes Plow Guy! I forget what morning this was, but I had a two hour snow delay at work. That meant Getty and I got to linger on our walk and really experience the elements.

One could argue that those little dogprints look like spring flowers.

This week's snow was so beautiful, you just wanted to look at everything you could see. It was like seeing something for the first time, that's what a marvel it was. This is our house by the way.

It's like being in Narnia.You half expect an animal to come walking up to you and start talking about cabbages and kings. And other things.

Oh look! There's neighbor Gregory out snapping photos too! His camera enterprise was much more technical than mine.

My dad likes to leave voicemessages on our phone gloating that he is in sunny Florida. Ha ha, he says, we are here and you are not. Well, he can keep sunny Florida to himself. I find this landscape too beautiful, too special, to dismiss. I think the people in Florida have no idea what they are missing. ( And for the record, I have been to Florida several times and I do love it.)

 Winter is a time of true enchantment!

It makes me so happy!

But, don;t think for a minute that my brumby is taking a backseat to the snow. My snowbrumby was cavorting all week long in the weather and when I went to see her today, I took a little video. This is is what happens when you hang out around horses with a pocketful of carrots. You can't get a moment's peace! I have to warn you: if you are prone to otion sickness, this video will have you nauseous in seconds flat. Good thing I don't work for IMAX!


Paint Girl said...

I just love these pictures! Everything is so pretty! Your house looks so cute!! We have had horrible wind, rain, snow and hail storms this whole week. I can't wait for spring, today the sun was out and it's starting to warm up a bit!

Willow said...

Clapping wildly about your beautiful Narnia post ... or I was until I watched the video and got nauseas ...yes I DO get sea sick and you were right no matter how much I loved seeing those cute horse muzzle nuzzles I had to step away from the video Whoa lol steadier hand when you ride right hee hee

Melody said...

I too rather cling to the last snows of spring... I feel like that sad little girl when Frosty the Snowman starts to melt....
Lovely snowyness! :))) We awoke to 6 inches on Friday morning over here! Delightful!

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