Oh, Boston!

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Perhaps it is needless to say anything about the extraordinary events of this week. It has been harrowing and emotional. My heart breaks for Boston, for the exuberant city who came to see a spectacular event, and were instead faced with fear, violence and terror. I am strengthened however, by law enforcement, first responders and everyone else who tempered grim events with heroic action and  fearlessness. May God bless you, each and every one.


Frizzle said...

I was riveted to CNN all week, and I am SO thankful that this is all over. I lived in Westford, MA as a kid and I have so many fond memories of Boston, especially Patriot's Day--we would stay at our friend's house in Lexington the night before, get up @ the crack of dawn to watch the Revolutionary War reenactment, stuff ourselves silly @ a pancake breakfast, and then watch the marathon and cheer on the runners. Our very dear family friend even ran it one year, and it was such a thrill to watch him cross the finish line.
I've been so proud of ALL Bostonians this week, especially all the LEOs and first responders. Times like these are heartbreaking, but they also show the abundance of strength, resilience, bravery, and cameraderie that our people possess.
My heart goes out to you, Boston! <3 <3 <3

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

I was thinking about you and your family last week.

I feel terrible for everyone involved - the families of the deceased, the maimed and injured, the eye-witnesses / first responders at the marathon, the citizens of Boston who were held hostage for several days and the authorities who had to maintain vigilance and self-control under such harrowing circumstances...

What tears me up the most is the (thousands?) of athletes who trained, prepared and sacrificed to participate in the marathon. How many of them were forced to not complete the race? Their goal and focus for who knows how long?

What should have been a high point in their lives and the lives of their families was ruined... transformed into a nightmare that they will never forget.

Three cheers to Boston for showing such grace and patience under pressure. A finer example of what America is about could not be found. (((♥♥♥)))

Melody said...

So frightening when these things take place so very close to home... it really can rattle you soul.
So much pointless sadness and loss for so many.

lmel said...

Such a sad turn of events. I remember watching a co-working come up Heartbreak Hill one year--so much crowd enthusiasm for a wonderful event. As Melody said, "So much pointless sadness..."

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