Beautiful Brumbies in May

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

 I can't believe it is Wednesday and just now I am posting about my Sunday stroll! Have I ever mentioned how great it would be to not have to work at all? To spend every day riding Lilly? Oh, only about a thousand times? Well, I guess anything worth saying once is worth saying twice...or a thousand times as the case may be. Christine and I were very pleased it wasn't raining cats and dogs on Sunday. We met at the barn and headed out on the trail.

Do you know how everyone says about their state/city that if you don't like the weather to wait 5 minutes and it will change? That is actually exactly what was happening to us on Sunday. It was sunny and warmish, then it was threatening, then it was breezy and cool. At one point we passed through a muggy pocket and were attacked by bugs. Five minutes later, not a bug in sight and dropping temps. Very strange indeed. But not a drop of rain and lots of greenery. Yes, we were feeling quite good out in the hills of western mass.

I am still using the biodern bitless bridle with Lilly. Or biothane--I forget the material it is made from. I really like it. I am hoping for my birthday I get one in bubblegum pink since pink is my brumby's fave color. The one I am using is Bill's. (I am always using Bill's stuff.)

Up a the BP all the horses came up to the perimeter to say hello, and QTee got to see her daughter Ruby on Mother's Day. It looked like Ruby was out in the BP bossing all the other horses around. Like mother like daughter, mused Christine.

I put some trail markers on some trees months ago that I wanted Bill to identify. He probably labeled them immediately and just this weekend I noticed them. A spring discovery! I have all summer to learn trees. In February I signed up for a spring Tree Understanding and Identification class  But it was cancelled because not enough people had signed up!  I am going to have to get Bill to teach me. So you see, I not only borrow Bill's tack, but his knowledge too. It is a wonder he does not get sick of me coming around.

 Here's another.

Back at the barn, Lilly and Qtee were groomed carefully, checked over for ticks and returned to the pasture. This always makes them happy. Before we left, we inspected Jackie's garden. Can you believe this charming flower?

Recently I got this crazy idea to try mounted archery. Brandon and Kestrel presented this to me as a [step]mother's day present. I shriek at how fun this is going to be. 

Practice makes perfect! It's just a kid's bow. But I love it. Get ready, Brumby!!!We have some targets to stab!

That's all for now! Happy belated mothers day, all you trail ridin', barrel racin', pole bendin' moms!

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lmel said...

You need to take a trip with your brumby to Montana! Check out these links:
Be sure to watch the video at the bottom of the last one--amazing!

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