Sauntering Through Sunday

Thursday, May 2, 2013

 This is my friend Marc Lombard! On Sunday when I arrived at Bill's he just happened to be buzzing down Bill's road as part of his 55 mile ride. The good luck of being at Bill's right as Marc was zooming by was very joyous indeed. He got to meet my brumby and Bill, and Christine and get his picture taken next to the donkeys. This guy is quite the athlete. He also happens to be married to one of my favorite friends on the planet, Mayr Collins, animal lover extraordinaire.

After Marc sped off, it was time to get riding. Christine and I headed out on the trail and along with Getty and we had a magical ride. It could not have been a better ride. We took the short trail to the BP,  started toward the Ridge Trail and then swung around and took the Parallel Trail backwards. We also were ringing our bear bells because the black bears are all up and wandering around now. I want to see a bear on the trail and I don't want to see a bear on the trail if you know what I mean.

I mentioned a few weeks ago that lately Bill has been working with a neighbor's pony. The pony, named Sophie,  is totally darling, but has a few issues that Bill is helping her work though. He brings her to the farm and works with her. He trims her feet, he introduces her to the herd and works with her in the round pen. Sophie is making real progress! To see one of Bill's more recent videos of Sophie, follow this link:

Sophie is 12 hands and according to the measuring tape, weighs 675 pounds. Bill had this idea that because I am smaller than he is, maybe I could get on her back and see if she'd tolerate it. So after Christine and I were finished with our trail ride, we all went down in the ring with Sophie.  Sophie gave a little flinch at first when I jumped on her from the left side but as you can see in this photo, she let me stay on while Bill led her around.  I mean she was being very tolerant because I am no ballerina when it comes to mounting without a saddle...even on a little pony. I am clumsy and clunky and my butt hangs out of my pants. (Good thing Christine did not get that in any of the pictures.)

Then it was time to move to the off side. Sophie has kind of a weird eye on this side. She seemed OK so I climbed on. But after a fraction of a skeleton of a second, she decided she did not want me on her back and before I was even fully seated she gave a buck and off I went! Suddenly  I was on the ground and Bill and Christine were looking down at me. Maybe she doesn't like that side because of her weird eye. Maybe no one has ever worked on that side of her before. None the worse for wear, I got up and..... back on. But just for a little gentle ride and from her good side. Still, overall, Sophie did great. I just love her. And I think that very night she had a sleepover at the farm.

I never get sick of this stuff. It makes my heart grow.


Willow said...

Oh sorry for the little giggle, it slipped out... you are so funny. Glad you were okay and great to see Sophie making progress!

lmel said...

Ditto on the bear stuff--not sure how well that would go over with Harley. I think he'd have a stroke! Or I would! :)

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