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Sunday, July 7, 2013

I keep promising to post about my cool Blog Award that I got. That is no empty threat! I will be doing it very soon, and I have also not forgotten my mounted archery quest either. But first, I just have to blog about my recent visit to Pennsylvania. Because while I was there,

I GOT TO VISIT: Juliette and her family from the blog Honeysuckle Faire!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! As it turns out, Brandon's mother lives about a half an hour from Juliette, her horses and her fun-loving family. So naturally while visiting Brandon's family last week, we just had to drive over to Juliette's place and meet everyone! I have been reading Juliette's blog since before I had one of my own. For YEARS now we have been reading about each others' horse love and adventures, and this past Friday we got to meet each other in person. This was a very exciting event.

It was everything I thought it would be AND MORE. When you hang out with this bunch, you laugh a lot. Because they make everything spirited and funny! Here I am with Kestrel, Juliette, Brian, and Maizie. I should have known the visit would be so splendid. You will not meet a more entertaining and heartful family.

First, we had lunch at Nutmeg Cottage. Then we went over to the barn...where this sign was waiting for us!!

You might recognize this guy! It's Foggy! He has just been brought into the cool and comfortable barn for an afternoon nap! 

The day was blisteringly hot. But Sovey was up for a little jaunt around the farm! Bless his very tall and wonderfully patient heart! Here is Juliette giving the willing Sovey some of her drink. Does this picture reveal how tall he is?

Juliette's horses are so tall that you need a stepladder to climb aboard. I am not kidding. Do you see me climbing this set of steps to get close enough to Sovey to sit on him? That is Juliette's lively and beautiful mum looking on and offering helpful hints. Brandon said when he saw this set of steps for mounting, his eyes almost popped out of his head. 

But I made it with a little help from my friends! I had never been on a thoroughbred before. This was a first! 

Even though he is not a rider, Brandon was having an excellent time. In between conversation and laughing, I took this picture.

 Here we are setting out on Juliette's farm while Pie and Foggy nibbled hay and got a nap in back at the barn. You see Juliette, Sovey following her lovingly with me on board, and Kestrel and Maizie following us. They are both 14, so that was another perfect part of this visit!

I felt very high in the air on Sovey. I felt very safe on him, but I am not used to being up so high, or using a little English saddle. But I could have ditched any worry at the barn door; Sovey was like a lamb (nice gentle walk, ears constantly forward), and Juliette walked along with us, joyously pointing out all the things of interest about her farm and neighborhood. I felt very happy up there.

It is easy to feel happy when you have a stunning horse to ride, a beautiful place to ride him, and are hanging out with someone so warm and wonderful. Not to mention hilarious.

One thing the pictures do not reveal is the heat. It might have been a billion degrees out. (Thank you, Mother Nature, for your kindness and compassion).  Juliette is in the background wiping the pools of sweat from her brow. But look, how beautiful everything is! I daresay I look rather good up there!

Back at the barn, while Juliette made sure each horse had his needs met, I snapped this picture (which I love) of Juliette's mum and Brandon with the girls in the background. This is album cover material. You don't usually see Brandon smiling so enthusiastically!

Have I mentioned how awesome the barn was? Brandon is still talking about it. Kinda makes me think of that scene from Field of Dreams: Are we in heaven? No, Pennsylvania.

I know love when I see it!

 After the ride and some refreshments, it was time to put Pie, Sovey and Foggy back in the pasture. Here I am leading Pie out of the barn. Pie feels ENORMOUS to me. But boy is he a good guy.

I am honored Juliette trusted me with her guys!! They were so good to me. 

If I could describe this visit in three words they would be: LOVE, HILARITY and PERFECTNESS. 

Thank you, Juliette and family, for a visit that made my heart grow. 


L.Williams said...

So awesome meeting fellow bloggers

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds like a wonderful visit! She has such a beautiful farm...so very green and lush looking, too. And such tall handsome horses! You really did look good up there, my sweet!


lmel said...

That's so cool! What a great ride you must have had on Sovey, despite the awful heat. I think it's awesome you two could hook up like that.

Kristen Eleni Shellenbarger said...

I absolutely LOVE this!!! :) What fun!

juliette said...

Reading this post made me cry!!! Tears of laughter and joy remembering it all! We were so happy and grateful you took time out of your vacation to meet and visit us.

The heat was horrible and yet you and Brandon and Kestrel never seemed to complain (or sweat - how in the world do you all stay so cool?!)

Thank you, dear Blogger friend, (now, true, live, real friend, for such a special day!!!

I am looking forward to this weekend when I get to see you all again and meet Lilly and Bill!

juliette said...

p.s. I forgot to say - You did look good up there on Sovey!!!!!! Tell Bill that sweet Lilly AND a tbred might be the very thing for you...

Lauren @ She Moved To Texas said...

What a sweet, cozy barn!

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