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Sunday, August 18, 2013

Thibault's round bales in the pasture

Some weeks are like placid lakes. And others are like roller coasters. This one was a roller coaster. On Saturday I zoomed over to Bill's for a nice long ride with my brumby. Walking down to the trailhead, I realized I had left my camera in the barn. RATS! So I took no pictures on Saturday except for some of Bill and Jackie's peach tree after my ride.

Bill and Jackie C's peaches
The peach tree is not large. But it is so heavy with peaches it's limbs are all pulled nearly to the ground. The peaches themselves are small and dear.

Herd of Two

On Sunday I was back out on the trail. Don't let this photo convince you that I am a crazy person. I think I look a little too over-enthusiastic but it just may be because I AM OVERLY ENTHUSIASTIC when I am on my brumby. As usual, Lilly was super slow. So was Getty. It was Operation Three Toed Sloth all over again. It's my own fault for letting Lilly nibble. Give that horse one nibble and she'll try and nibble every other step. Mid-way through the ride, Getty was caught smacking on something with great relish; after that she seemed to get a second wind and move a little faster. I don't even want to know what she was eating. Eww.

Lilly ground tied on the Parallel Trail
As I was leaving the barn en route to the trail, Bill said he might meet up with me out there. I told him he could man-track me so we could meet up. But until then, I was moseying down the Parallel Trail when I spied some very starnge and weirdly beautiful mushrooms on the side of a giant tree. I left Lilly on the trail while I went over to get a photo. She watched me walk away for a second....and then began nibbling ferns.

Beautiful and weird
You never know what odd sights you are going to see in the forest. I know Brandon could identify these, but because he is cheffing up my chicken kebabs on the grill, they will have to go unidentified for this post. I find them a little startling. But also somehow glorious.

Where's Fraldo?
After snapping the above photo of Lilly, do not even ask me how, but I observed the tiniest of brown frogs on the ground.  I got down on the ground and took this photo. Do you see the little wood frog? What an amazing little wee creature, complete with a bandit's mask!! At this point Lilly began to consider, just for a second, walking off down the trail, so I got back on her and we carried on. I was supposed to be keeping a look out for Bill up ahead on the Ridge Trail.

Brumby and Getty on the Parallel Trail
Do you see how my brumby positively sparkles on the trail? Every now and then I am at a party and someone has the nerve to mention that they do not like Paints or that Paints are kwayzee. Yeah, I say, they are crazy all right: CRAZY BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!

Brumby leads me astray
Do you see where my brumby has led me? I was turning around to look for Getty dawdling behind me and when I righted myself, I got a face full of leaves. Right after this moment, through the forest, I could see what I thought was Bill's helmet ahead on the Ridge Trail. I wasn't sure if he saw me, but after running up the hill and losing him, I realized he had no idea we were nearby. I began to mantarck him!

Bill and Glitter, post ride
So we actually snuck right up on Bill and Glitter. As Getty came up alongside him, I craftily thought: Hah! Bill's going to look over, see Getty, think she is a black coyote and jump out of his skin! I got my camera ready. Then I saw Bill take out his cell phone and thought for sure he was going to call me. So then I thought I'd yell HELLO right into his ear!!! As it turns out, we only slightly startled Bill. But I did get a little giggle out of it. Don't you love Glitter? I think she is sooooooooo pretty. And rides like a dream. She takes good care of her rider.

Thank heaven for cheerful fly bonnets!
Bill dropped Glitter off at the Big Pasture and then started back for the barn on foot. Lilly, Getty and I headed for the short trail. It was the last leg of our journey. The Short Trail has a great hill for galloping up. You can ride so fast your eyes water. So it is an excellent way to end an already excellent trail ride.

Brumby gobbles up some jewel weed
It just so happens that my brumby loves jewel weed. They pull out of the ground so easily, it is not uncommon to see her with the plant and rootball dangling from her lips. I like jewel weed myself for two reasons. The first is that the flower is very orchid-like in appearance and I love orchids. The second is that if you are allergic to poison ivy, you can steep the leaves of jewel weed and make a poultice to soothe your rashy skin. Just thought of a third reason:  its silvery appearance when under water (kinda like a...jewel!).

Hello, beautiful
I am not sure what this serene little mushroom is, but I really liked it. So it made it into my blog. As I was snapping this picture, brumby gobbled up more ferns along the side of the road.

Brumby's summer tinctures
Back at the barn, before putting Lilly back into the pasture I put Desitin on her feet to prevent Scratches, Fungasol Cream on her nostrils where she gets a weird, scabby fungus that masquerades as sunburn, SWAT in her ears to prevent bloody bug bites and Deet-free bug spray on her face. Only the best care for my brumby.

Ah, the vanity of it all
Earlier this week, after a long wait, I got new license plates. I won't picture my entire plate on my blog, but maybe just by seeing the first few letters, you might be able to figure out what it says!




Rose said...

(I think my comment did not go through so here we go again!)
Buenos Dias Ladies,
Thank you for continuing to share the stories of you and your horse (aka brumby!) Emma and I love reading of your adventures, as they remind me of home and all the things I might have seen and experienced on a trail there.
Could you post a picture of Lilys nostrils--skin condition?
My Mothers pony and my husbands gelding might have a similar condition...? We kinda call it jungle rot here, it looks like a sunburn/fungal condition as well. Their nostrils and faces are bad right now, as it is the rainy season (sun in the mornings and rain most afternoons/evenings). My Mother thinks their horses get it because they have pink skin. Emma has grey skin and does not seem to be affected.
Do you purchase the Fungasol over the counter at the feed store? I am going to try to see if they sell it here or otherwise bring it down from the states. The vets have all sortsa crazy things to combat this and we have tried all kinds of different concoctions. So I pray we can get our hands on something like this here... It wont hurt after everything else we have tried on those two horses.
Your faithful followers and more Happy Trails your way!
Emma & Rose
P.S. Love the "Brumby..." license plate! Will wait till the unveiling of it next week. :)

lytha said...

i was happily reading this post thinking you're in europe, and then i saw the meds and thought, "where did she get those?" and then the plate...yah.

i've only been once to the east, but boston was the very best place of the 13 states i saw there for our honeymoon. it was the closest in feel to my home, but with a different kind of history. the kind we all had to learn about as kids. but being there was amazing. instead of just teaching us west coast kids, they should send us east.

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