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Sunday, September 1, 2013

Yesterday it was really humid and muggy. I went over to the barn anyway with Getty. I figured we'd take a nice little santer throught the woods, and then come home and lounge on the patio with a good book after doing my Jillian Michaels work out. Here is the view once I get out of the car at Bill's. My brumby is having her regularly scheduled nibblefest.

Because lately it has rained and it was so humid, these little newts were everywhere. At first I didn't even get on Lilly. I walked her carefully through the throng of newts so she would not step on any of them. They are such placid little creatures. 

It was so muggy that before I was even to the ridge on the Ridge Trail, I started to feel very gross. Like I had swallowed a boulder and it was stuck in my stomach. I decided to press on, thinking I'd feel better in a minute. But I did not. I felt worse! And worse! I saw so many mushrooms and had to ignore them! It started to thunder too and so then I felt sick and stressed out!

This went on for what felt like hours. I almost got off of Lilly to lay down on the trail. I felt the humid air wasn't giving me enough oxygen. So then I began to feel lightheaded. It was my worst trail ride ever. I just wanted to get back to the barn. When I did finally arrive at the barn, Bill came out and I told him I was going to pass out as I wobbled around the driveway. He agreed that I did not look so great. I had to go into the house and collapse on the couch sipping ice water and licking an Italian ice. I was a mess!! (Luckily, there are no pictures of me in this state).

After recovering at Bill's, I saw these turkeys on my way home. We have been seeing turkeys everywhere this summer. I love them so much. They are weird and dinosaurish.

The next day, Getty and I were over at Bill's again. The weather was better, but not by much. We went down to the ring. There is Lilly getting some nibbles in while I watched Bill work with Ruby in the round pen. Now there is a good way to get Lilly to like the ring: take her down there and do not ask her to do a single thing. Except eat.

Bill had a bitless bridle on Ruby. She was not too sure about it. Plus, Ruby has never liked being in the ring. Yep, another one.. Like at Bill's there is a Ring Haters Club and Ruby and Lilly are its two star members. Ruby gave quite a show in the round pen at first, kicking up her heels and letting a few bucks fly. OK, maybe more than a few.

I watched Bill get her used to the bitless bridle. She kept moving her tongue all around like she was chomping on a phantom bit. Funny Ruby!!. She'd also stick her head in the air when Bill asked her to go backwards. Now usually when Ruby goes backwards, her head is all collected. The missing bit seemed to have thrown her off her game. She needed a few minutes to figure it out.

But here's what so great about these horses: They figure it out! Soon Ruby was backing up without sticking her neck in the air like a giraffe. I must say, that bitless bridle looked beautiful on her!

After the ring work, Bill decided to see if Ruby remembered how to politely get into the trailer. It is always a good idea to keep your horses able to get into the trailer. You never know when they will need to get in one, and an emergency is not the best time to realize you should have practiced more. 

But Ruby went in right away. Bill led her out, and then she went traipsing right back in! Like she liked it in there! Click here for a video! Meanwhile, since Lilly was standing right there....

...we decided she too was a good candidate for a trailer refresher course. She made a teeny hesitation at first.

When each she and Ruby stepped in the trailer, it was quite noisy with their hooves on the metal. I thought she might back right out.

 But after peeking around inside the trailer, she went right in.

And did not seem to be in any rush to come back out!

Nicely done, Lilly!!!!

Happy Labor Day to everyone. 


Once Upon an Equine said...

Happy holiday. Hope the air thins for you. I'd have a tough time rixing in high humidity too. But it sure promofes all that green. Looks pretty. Lilly is a doll.

juliette said...

Sorry you were sick from the weather. Ick, that sounds awful. As I was reading, I was thinking, "Who untacked Lilly?" Then, you talk about driving home and then there is Lilly the next day in tack! Of course, I know she wasn't left like that!!! You would never do that, but it was funny. I am so jealous of your trails and of Bill. Your trails are so good that the horses don't like the ring, and Bill is just wonderful. I've been so sick before and had to finish with my horse - no Bill to help me! Glad you are feeling better!!!

Ruby looks so great in the bitless bridle, I think.

Happy Labor Day!

I forgot to say in the last post comment that I've always heard that the pink on horses' noses is VERY susceptible to sunburn and sunscreen helps.

Rose said...

Thank you for sharing pictures of the newt! I love those little guys, so cute!
I hope you are feeling better and it was good to see Lily go into the trailer so well. Go Lily!
Happy Trails! Rose & Emma

P.S. Thanks for getting back to us about the cream. We found something similair to what you have here in Panama and it seems to be helping my husbands horse. We appreciate it!

lmel said...

Great pictures, as always. Love the newt! Sorry you had a lousy ride. Hope all is better.

I think my ears burned when I read the part about refreshing your horse on loading! Yup, that was us with Harley's "episode"--didn't want to get on the trailer. I think he's had some really bad drivers and isn't in any rush to get into the "tuna can". My problem is not having one to train him with! What's a trailer-less gal to do? I need to find one to borrow so Harley can work on his loading and unloading etiquette without need pullers, pushers, and dope! Good for Bill and you with working on this.

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