The Zombies Among Us

Monday, October 7, 2013

 This weekend I was not riding. Instead, we made our way to New Jersey where my in-laws have a little house. I have featured this town, right on the beach, in many blog posts. October is an excellent time to visit. My father-in-law was quite proud of his new flower bed. Bah!!

The sea is a magical place, in any season.

But who are we kidding? We were visiting this particular weekend to watch the parade pf zombies one town over in Asbury Park!! This year they were trying to break the world record for the biggest number of zombies gathered in any one place! The results were good and ghastly.

First, to be counted properly by the Guinness people, all the zombies had to gather on the beach. There were many wayward zombies who did not even bother to correctly gather but lingered on the boardwalk drooling blood and attempting to eat children.

Then the parade got started with a marching band. They were zombies too!!!

Zombies run the gamut in both age, profession and mellow-factor. The parade began on a tame note.

As the zombies filed by, I saw some weird ones, including a zombie Sponge Bob. The zombies were moving so fast, a lot of my photos were blurry. So many more zombies than last year!

There were zombies as far as the eye could see.

To think just two hours earlier we were having a quiet little walk on the beach!

Oh yegads, there goes the bloody queen.

"Soup's on!" sang this zombie.

Zombies really have no shame.

The final tally of zombies was over 9500 making for a new Guinness record! After the parade the zombies invaded the town and restaurants. Because you see, I have never met a zombie that secretly was not interested in having a lot of fun. Maybe next year I will see you there!

Enuff said!

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lmel said...

Ha! Silliness in NJ. What would Lily think of all those zombies? Loved the flower bed.

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