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Monday, November 18, 2013

What a fine looking brumby! This weekend my brumby had the benefit of a complete foot evaluation. Bill and I studied her feet extensively. Then Bill gave her a series of little trims.

So after getting her feet trimmed, even the most miniscule of trims, Lilly often has a hard time walking around on Bill's driveway. Saturday was no different. 

We went back and forth from the barn to the ring several times to see how ouchie her feet were. Barn. Then ring. Then round pen.

Barn again.

And the ring. The truth is, Lilly has the strangest feet. They are complicated. In Bill's long history with horses, I don't think he's ever encountered feet like Lilly's.

Once again, she ended up with shoes on. Oh, excuse me--I mean her Cinderella slippers. 

The bell boots come in handy so Lilly does not pull the new slippers off her own feet while cavorting in the pasture. 

 Bill and I were deep in hoof analysis when Brandon came by to say hi. This means the kitchen reno at home had come to a standstill!

When we were leaving, I saw my brumby cutely peering over Ruby's back.

Sunday when I got to the farm, Lilly was lounging around.

It is not very often that I even see Lilly laying down. I think it looks adorable. I think she is smiling a little.

The aftermath of laying down in the dirt and manure is that Lilly's white fur ends up looking kind of bad. When we got into the barn, I thought my brumby smelled a little like pee.

The easiest way to get rid of all that messy fur is to get out on the trail! 

It was raining slightly. But it made for a creepy and mystical forest.

I have never known a little water to upset the animals. Lilly was having her usual gobblefest out on the trail.

As we skirted the Big Pasture, I had to sing loudly to scare the bears away. Later when I was singing at home, Brandon assured me that it would indeed be very scary to any bear in the vicinity. Hmmmm.

At the Winter Pasture we had to wait a few minutes before the horses out there thought we were safe to approach. They looked at us skeptically and only started to run toward us after I screamed BRRRRRUUUUUUMBEEEEEEEEEEEEEZZZZZZZZ!!!!!

Once they showed up, they were very friendly ad curious. To see (and hear) the squealy reunion, you must watch this:  Click here!

And, if you'd like to see the beautiful, non-domestic creature in Bill's son's back yard, then you will want to click right here!

 I tip my hat to the snowmobile crew who keep the trails (some of them anyway) so pristine and usable!

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lmel said...

Yikes--I'll skip saying "hi" to a bear, thank you very much! I suspect the horses sense and smell them long before you see them, right?
You use hoof boots on your brumby too? I'm trying that route with Harley since he has thin soles and just isn't happy this time of year with no shoes and no snow. Used the Easyboot Trails this past week and am waiting for Glove test kit to arrive.
What does Bill have on the horses in the pasture for blaze orange collars? Not a bad idea this time of year!
Great pics as always!

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