Let's Save Some Daylight!

Saturday, March 8, 2014

We finally got some warmish weather! Even yesterday was still frigid, but today, Surprise Saturday Warmer Temps! There's still plenty of ice and snow, but at least spring is on its way. Spring is planning on spronging, even if it hasn't yet. Bill tried to tell us a blizzard is coming on Wednesday, but he may have been joking.

The road to the trail is still pretty icy, But a while ago Bill cleared part of the ring so it was just perfect for us today. I decided that I need to do more ground work with Lilly anyway. I need to get out my Chris Cox and Clinton Anderson books and DVDs and really get into ground skills!

I decided to try a little lunging in the ring but was so clumsy and bad at it, Lilly didn't want to go anywhere. Or she'll jump into a canter and act all mad that I am lunging her at all. Hmm. I guess we are both out of practice. Looks like Bill will need to help me.

You see, as sweet as my brumby is, she can also be a little recalcitrant. Plus, she is not too happy about being in the ring. Why does she hate the ring so much? I never work her hard in there!

Now, brumby, there is no reason to go crazy.

There she goes. Very pretty girl.

Then it was time to see what Glitter would do with a little lunging. It was such a fantastic day!

That is some very nice extension, Glitter!

 I thought Glitter might give a little buck, but no, she was fine.

You could ask yourself, What Would a Unicorn Do? Or you could also ask: What Would Glitter Do? WWGD? Would a unicorn buck? No, it would prance under a waterfall maybe, it might gallop majestically and of course it would chase rainbows. But I think, like Glitter, it would lunge very prettily.

The I fetched some reins and my helmet and got in the saddle.

First I was just sitting there with my brumby.

But since QTee and Christine were trotting by, they were sucked into the photographic vortex!

I told Bill to get some action shots. Whooooooah, look at all this willlllld action!

Yep, we were  not moving too fast. But who cares. It was great. Tomorrow we will be back!

Our warm day ceased to be a warm day as soon as the sun starts to drop.

There's Bill, off to a maple syrup party at his brother in law's.

Parting Shot: This is what it looks like when you hug a unicorn. Or, if you do not have a unicorn handy, Glitter.

See you next time!


Karen C. said...

Give the Bay State Brumby and the Unicorn a hug from the Midwest! :-)

Calm, Forward, Straight said...

Lunging is not a favored activity in our arena either.

It is definitely the time for dirty hair waffles... good thing Bill has the maple syrup connection! ;D

lmel said...

Well, I think Bill is right--winter storm warning for Wednesday through Thursday. Hang on to your hair, Lily! Winter isn't over yet! This weekend was a teaser of warmer days to come.
We need to get our sap buckets hung! Yikes!

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