Mare's Day Weekend

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mare's Day, everyone! Saturday looked like rain was on its way but Lilly and I headed out anyway. This time, we headed up Sunset Road to Sunset Trail. It's not really a road, just a trail. And you can't see the sun setting from this trail--but if there were no trees, you could see one very nicely. This stump made a perfect mounting block...even though it was somewhat rotten and part of it threatened to give way as soon as I clamored onto it. I had to launch myself from the stump onto Lilly's back. What a tolerant dear.

We have not been on this trail yet this year! It was deeply muddy in some places, but we managed it. I was on the look out for bears, ringing my bear bells often.

Down by Carrot Bridge, Lilly felt that Bill had been starving her (pffffft!!!) and began nibbling aggressively.

On the way back, only a few raindrops got us!

The next day, we were at it again!

 Sunday was a much better day since the sun was out. Gorgeous. The night before Christine said she might be coming over for a morning ride so Bill and I went up to the BP to get QTee. There is something so special about the BP. All that blue sky and green grass. I could lay down out there forever. I am certain the horses would not mind.

In this picture you see the end of a mini lesson with Bill and Jodie. Jodie is one of those horses who occasionally acts like the gingerbread man in the pasture when you want to collect her. That's right, sees the halter in your hand and takes off, using the herd strategically to keep herself free. So on this morning, Bill walked up to her and haltered her. Then removed it and walked away. Humans have their strategies too!

Ruby and Qtee were taken out of the BP for a tick check. Ticks are so gross.

In the end, Christine couldn't make it. Her son is getting married this month and she must be up to her eyeballs in wedding planning. So Bill and I headed on on our mares. It was Mare's Day, after all.

I am almost never riding at ten in the morning. The light was so soft and beautiful.

Never pass up a training opportunity! There go Bill and Ruby into the ice pond. What a willing mare!

Deep mud and pond muck? No problem!

There is always something interesting to try on the trail.

Back on solid ground. Good job, Ruby! (Notice that my brumby and I didn't bother to trek through the mud ourselves!)

A day too good to pass up without a horse in it.

Back at home, Licorice was helping me get some gardening started.

Spider was invited to help but just wanted to hide behind a slab of stone.

But was Licorice really helping? Not really.

Time for another chaga hike!

The harvest was much smaller this time. Not to worry! Another weekend will follow this one!

I might not have mentioned our pet Apple. Here she is napping in her TV. I know, adorable. She doesn't even fit in there.

Oops! I must have jarred her townhouse. Now she's up and wondering what is going on. If you wake Apple up in the middle of the day, she can look very cantankerous. I think she is wondering what my camera is doing in her habitat. Who can blame her?

OK< that's all for now!

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